Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Prologue to the day: Derek Hoare is doing a phone-in interview at 11:30 AM this morning on The Bill Good Show CKNW News-Talk/980 . You can also listen live here www.cknw.com at 11:30 am pacific time.

Further, I want to let you know that Zabeth Bayne will be interviewed tonight by Kari Simpson and the live radio broadcast can be watched and heard on radio program with the interesting name Road Kill Radio. That is tonight, July 19 at 7:30 – 9:30 PM. This time the interview is not about Zabeth's own family per se, but about the ambitious Conference that she and her husband Paul and some associates have organized. This is the Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference scheduled for August 4-6, 2011. During this interview, one of the presenters will join the conversation by telephone.

You can browse the Conference website and you can register online to attend the E.B.M.S.I. conference, that is, the Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference. This may be a substantial help to parents and other professionals who work with families. The list of professionals who are making presentations at this conference includes a Pediatrician, Ophthalmologist, NeuroRadiologist, Biomechanic, Pathologist, Legal Counsel, Advocates, Journalist, and a Child Protection Social Worker. You can read the schedule of times and presentations here. Among the topics for these days there will be, (1) evidence based medicine, (2) medical differential diagnosis in cases of suspected child abuse, (3) establishment of standards and requirements by medical expert’s defense witness, (4) legal challenges of defending those innocent but accused of criminal acts relating to child abuse, (5) the challenges of defense in family court related issues, (6) the standards of practice and guidelines for child protection investigations and (7) process and the failure of the legal systems to protect the innocent. Here are the bios and resumes of the presenters.

Then, I wish to express appreciation for the plainspoken advocacy of Kari Simpson. When you hear her tonight, you will hear the voice of someone who is adamantly pro-family and pro parental rights, and determinedly opposed to the high-handed methods that have been used by the Ministry of Children and Family Development for decades. That’s right, this passion for right and justice is not a new thing for Kari who years earlier was creating tidal waves of opposition to MCFD bad practice as far back as 1997. She was speaking at rallies all over B.C. In a lengthy article on November 24, 1997, Dave Cunningham wrote ‘On the March for BC Families’ subtitled, ‘Kari Simpson leads social conservatives in a growing counter-attack on the state.’ Click the article title yourself and read this archived piece from the Province. All of you hurting parents have a friend in Kari Simpson and her radio show colleague Terry McNeil. Derek Hoare has already been interviewed by this duo. Road Kill Radio's recent interview with Derek was so impressive of the hosts' passion and Derek's justification for ire against MCFD tactics, that people who audit the replay cannot help but to share the concern for changes to child protection practice in B.C.

Conference Poster

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  1. I have been waiting for this since 7PM atlantic time. I got to say, three hours of jazz music while looking at a backdrop is going to be well worth it! lol. Thank you to everyone for all of your efforts!


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