Friday, July 15, 2011


Global has done it again. Tonight in back to back stories, Chris Gailus introduced the news that MCFD has been under-reporting the large number of children hurt while in foster care. It is scandalous and Children's Representative expressed her dismay. The Ministry of Children deemed many of these cases not deserving of reporting to her. The second story concerned none other than 9 year-old Ayn, the autistic daughter of Derek Hoare. Derek was able to speak again. The report was superior coverage. Now Premier Christy Clark is fully apprised of the unpleasant news about MCFD's low-grade performance in the child protection sector. Derek, you are a valiant Dad.

Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. Awesome! And Derek truly is a valiant Dad, what a great way of putting it. So good to see that the media is putting these stories out there, for all British Columbians, and others. Now people can see MCFD for what they are. Judges, politicians and other paid employees of the taxpayers - it's time to stand up for families instead of these people who pretend to protect children, while in reality causing them great harm.

  2. Stumbled across this letter written in support of a lawyer, Robert P. Lee, who is fighting a class action lawsuit for former wards of the state, in Alberta. The letter shows the extent of what you could call corruption in child protection, and how anyone who truly fights for children's rights (as opposed to those who pretend to) can be targeted and punished by the government. Please read this short letter, as it is truly shocking and will be most enlightening with respect to the depths that government employees will sink in order to cover up the abuses of those who work in child protection:

  3. Here is a useful story on Autism and MCFD cutting funding:

  4. The Vancouver 24-Hours newspaper has also posted a news clip:

  5. Here is a link you may be interested in using, Ron. It is startling how ignorant we are about autism when interviews such as this have been seen on internationally viewed programs. Simply type in Autistic girl expresses profound intelligence and you will see an ABC TV program The child was born to a Flesichman family and born in Toronto

  6. The Carly Fleishman print story is at:

    The video, incredibly well done and informative, is at:

    I would encourage Derek to retrieve any videos of Ayn and start posting them so people can see her personality as well.

    Ayn was removed because she was autistic, and for no other reason. MCFD did not get Derek's consent. For that, the government must pay the price of violating Ayn's rights to be with her father and siblings. The government must pay the price for violating the father's rights for taking Ayn from the school without a warrant.

    After that is done, then perhaps MCFD can be properly trimmed and re-educated as to what is in the best interests of children.

  7. It appears the link to the Global TV news story was deleted. Perhaps due to the fact of incorrectly attributing Chris McIntosh as representing the Autism Society, but he actually represents F.A.I.R. a group trying to restore funding to autistic children that MCFD terminated some time ago.

    If someone managed to capture the clip, that would be much appreciated.

  8. With the Global TV link pulled, a viewer captured the story and uploaded it to YouTube here.

  9. It is curious to see, amid the growing media attention, that the Southam News agencies have not yet covered the case.

  10. These kind of stories are continually censored. It shows how deep the corruption and influence of the child protection industry goes. And you have to wonder if there isn't a threat of pulling advertising since the government (our money) is probably one of the biggest advertisers, and / or threats of lawsuits from government lawyers, who really have no limits on the amount of (our) money they can spend.


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