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This appeared on the ‘My Chilliwack News’ webpage this week. Tim Amey is the News Director at 895 The Hawk, Chilliwack's Newest Rock Station. Tim Amey has written articles featuring the Bayne family before. He spoke with Zabeth this week and posted the following finishing story. He thoughtfully sent me the link for which I then requested permission to re-publish here. He writes, "A four year ordeal for a former Hope couple is over. Paul and Zabeth Bayne are finally getting their kids back."

By Tim Amey Wednesday, July 27, 2011 11:54 AM
"Chilliwack/Surrey, B.C. - A four year ordeal for a former Hope couple is over. Paul and Zabeth Bayne are finally getting their kids back. Their youngest Josiah is coming home August 2nd, and the three others are returning August 25th.

Back in 2007, the Bayne's took their then youngest to the hospital with a head injury. The Baynes say it happened after one of their older ones accidentally tripped over her. The doctors diagnosed it as shaken baby syndrome. The Ministry of Children and Family Development moved in and seized the three kids, and three years later seized their newborn, hours after he was born.

What ensued was a four year court battle to get their kids back. At one point it was reported by other media that the Bayne’s got hold of an email from the children’s foster parent to the social worker. The email said the girl was diagnosed with glutaric aciduria. According to the email it is a condition allegedly misdiagnosed with shaken baby. However the children still weren’t returned.

Earlier this year a judge threw out the shaken baby diagnosis, calling the original head injury an unexplained injury. Now Zabeth says everyone is coming home. “We did submit to the Ministry’s request of a parental capacity assessment. The result of that assessment is that the children be returned home. So now we’re facing very, very happy times. We have overnights with them. There is the transition period while we’re moving their things in, and doing the overnights but everybody is just so ecstatic and completely over joyed.” She said words can’t express how it felt when the judge finally ruled in their favour. She says it was an amazing feeling that they will never forget.

It is not totally over yet. A social worker will be stopping by from time to time for assessments, but Zabeth says they get along with this social worker way better than the original one. Plus they are feeling a little tentative. There was an order before for the return of their boys that fell through. So Bayne says sometimes it feels surreal, as in is this really happening or will it fall through again? Plus there will be some emotional scarring for them and the children. She says their lives were torn apart and this will forever be part of their past. However they are getting counseling and have a ton of support.

In the meantime they are just focusing on being a family again. They moved to Surrey and have a house. The kids are registered at a local school and for extracurricular activities. Zabeth says they just want to give them that love and stability that’s been lacking for the past four years."
Tim wrote an article entitled Hope Couple's Baby Seized by MCFD Hours after Birth on Monday, February 14, 2011 05:00 AM, which I printed in Blog number 444, ‘Baby Seized by MCFD Hours after Birth.

Subsequent to my publication of Tim's article, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) sent Tim a note in response no doubt to his inquiry of them. At Tim's request, I add that note here.

The Ministry of Children and Families say they cannot comment on any details in any case, however they did issue the following statement:
Due to privacy laws, we can’t comment on this specific case. However, the health and safety of children in British Columbia is the first priority of this ministry in every situation we deal with.
The removal of a child from their parents is always a last resort. Our goal is to find a way to support a child in continuing to live in their homes with their families. We always try to work closely with the family to make whatever changes are needed to ensure that the home is safe for the child.
If supports cannot be put in place to make the home safe for the child, we would remove the child with a goal of returning the child to their home as soon as it’s safe to do so. That may mean putting in place additional supports for the family, providing the family with training or counselling, or other supports depending on the specific situation.

Have a great long weekend everyone.


  1. It is so heartening to see that someone in the media is publishing stories exposing MCFD.

    Readers should click on the link to view the original story. This is important as it generates traffic, and therefore rewards, the publication. And any publication that is exposing MCFD should be rewarded. Any advertiser that is advertising with a publication that exposes MCFD should be rewarded.

    Readers, please remember, when you go to these publications that expose MCFD or other corrupt child protection agencies, it helps to view the ads, and to buy the products or services that are advertised. Tell the advertisers where and why you found their ad.

  2. Excellent to see a family reunited.

  3. Great news the family will soon be reunited but predictable and unfortunate that the social workers will STILL be assessing them; they will never totally be free, have their lives to themselves or raise their family the way they see fit without Big Brother always looking over their shoulder(very stressful).If the kids are returned then why don't they just close the file and leave the family alone?

  4. Could the Baynes perhaps have their lawyer write to MCFD and insist that they get a letter from MCFD confirming that their file has been closed and that they will not be harassed or monitored or whatever.

  5. the chilliwack courts are corupt the lawers conspire with the sharrifes my kids mom abused and neglected the children in victora i got coustady of my son and the step daughter when to her dad i moved here and when i tryed to tell my story to the judge i was told to shut up when i tryed going publice they shut me up bye shitkicking me and making up bogase charges and 6 years later still have me stuck in thier corupt system i realy need some real help my lawer is a pawn in their court to scared to get to the real storry with leagle aid will not help her with ecept to do it thier way with phoney trials with their owne as withnesses i know ppl seen them jump me and my child and get agressive with him and i infront of the court house but no one will protest or come forwered is every on that scared

  6. your radio staion aired a amber alert that was fake not on your part but one a man and a child he rased for 6 years by him self the courts are corupt and gave a child back to a mother that abused him in the past and now dose again in victorea she was a victomizer her shes a victom played shitty games with the sharifes along with her lawer and now denys this father acsses when it is ordered by a judge she lied here in court and played the victom in victory she was a vivtamiser of two children


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