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Daddy Paul and Bethany
The Baynes are working with the Surrey office of MCFD and we are believing that the outcome will be positive with an imminent return of their four children to their care, their home, and their lives of love. Only excellent parents such as they are could possibly endure what they have for what is now, almost four years of deprivation – dispossession of their own offspring. Even while they wait and work, they are sympathetic to other parents who are similarly struggling with the heartache of a child removed by the Ministry of Children. No one wants to mistrust a Ministry that in theory is protective of children. Yet when a steady stream of complainants against MCFD actions are parents who are by all reports sound-minded, stable, committed and lovingly responsible, observers with common sense must deduce that there is something seriously flawed in the practice of protecting children. In British Columbia the fault line lies in connection with the Child, Family and Community Services Act, with the way that it is written, with the ways by which it is interpreted and certainly through the manner in which it is applied by directors, team leaders and social workers who service cases.

Ayn and Derek
Paul’s and Zabeth’s own hearts are touched by Derek Hoare’s broken heart and most of all by the bewildered agony that terrifies Derek’s nine year old daughter Ayn (pronounced Ine). After eighteen days of Ayn’s crying, the Ministry requested that Derek supply a photo of him and Ayn together. She has been carrying this around ever since. Those pretty blue eyes were filled with tears for eighteen days despite the injection of three drugs into her system. That’s how the ministry has cared for this child with an autism disorder. Seventy hours after seizing her MCFD began the drug treatment. Drugs were unnecessary and unwelcome in Derek’s home. He used compassion and conversation and caresses with Ayn. That has worked. MCFD does not have the time, patience or sincere concern for that treatment. We are back to the question of ‘the best interests of the child’ about which it is progressively more clear that MCFD has little practical knowledge. MCFD is an administration not a family, an organization that manages a business, the intrusive and unwanted care of children that have been taken against the horror-struck objections of parents who find themselves bullied by a government that pretends to disdain bullying. Come on Premier Christy, pay attention to this case. I understand it is not customary for you to interfere in a specific case. Premier Campbell ignored the Baynes even though protests were respectfully presented by scores of supporters outside his constituency office. By reason of this disregard they have suffered through the tangle of legalities and the crush of near bankruptcy.

Download this poster and pass it on
But Derek’s case is distinct from the Baynes. He has not been suspected of harming his child or neglecting her. Upon her apprehension, Ayn was assessed by a hospital that reported there is no indication of any injury, harm and maltreatment and she is well and healthy and autistic. MCFD knows that Derek is a devoted and diligent dad. The evidence is conspicuous. His reputation is incontestable. And poor Ayn, who had grown out of bedwetting, has resumed this involuntary display of inner panic. Where is her father? She must wonder every hour of every day. He has always been available. He is her guardian, protector, champion and liberator – forever. And she misses her brothers. This little family, a dad and three children, two of them autistic and nevertheless in love with one another, deserve to be together, and are in anguish as long as they not together. Their mom, while separated from their dad, is wholly supportive of Derek and applauds his efforts as a father.
Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. Very well said, Ron, powerful words.

    This is truly an outrage. We must keep writing and phoning and faxing (and emailing, though it may be easier to ignore emails) politicians, the Representative of Children and Youth, the media, our own contacts, and anyone and everyone we can think of. The more publicity, the better.

    What MCFD is doing to Ayn is child abuse. But it's even worse than that. It's child abuse under the guise of child protection. And, even worse, it's all paid for - this horrific child abuse - by you and me. Part of our paycheque or money we earn by hard, honest work is being used in a manner that causes great suffering.

    And there is no question Ayn is suffering horribly, living in a daze of grief and confusion, without her family, without her home, without anything familiar or loving, just the cold frightening confusion, made worse by 3 anti-psychotic drugs which were never, ever meant to be given to a little girl.

    Please, write, phone, fax, get the word out - Ayn must be returned to her father, now.

  2. Does anyone know which office / director (his or her name) that Derek Hoare is dealing with?

  3. Ron; when you describe the matter so eloquently today, what other words can there be? I find it hard to believe the utter stupidity of these actions. Is there nobody within the ministry who has the guts to protest? Is there no judge with the guts to make a stand and overrule the director at the presentation hearing? This action is just as stupid as the Bayne case and the same idiots are running it. If I understand it correctly contact between father and child is forbidden. Is this correct?
    It is too bad that you have put a ban on profanity, because I am sure that many people would love to describe these ghastly people in the terms they deserve.

  4. Ray, thanks.
    Derek has not yet permitted to visit his daughter.
    If that option is given to him, his position at the moment is that he will not visit her, for this reason. He believes that Ayn is fully expecting that when Derek finally shows up, he will come to take her home. He is not prepared to destroy her of her trust in him, when the visit concludes and he turns around and leaves without her, leaving her in this foster environment.

  5. I would really like to know the names of the people at MCFD - from social workers to director - who are responsible for this destruction of a beautiful little girl and her family. Does anyone know what their names are?

  6. Derek Hoare has an interview with Bill Good on CKNW tomorrow at 11:30. I think you can either tune into the radio station, or you can go to CKNW's website:

    From the CKNW website:


    CALL OUR LISTENER LINE: 604 696 2784


  7. The person who directs all these outrages is most likely the same one as in the Bayne case and also others. He is the director of the Fraser region and his name is Bruce McNeill. I think that he is long overdue for promotion. This is the only way they get rid of their embarrassing senior staff.

  8. One of the benefits of a blog like this is the increased awareness generated for suffering families. While readers may be understandably annoyed by the injustices described here, what needs to be kept in mind is that our individual emotional venting must never compromise the serious efforts of parents who must work with the social workers in their case.


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