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Then occasionally people like Paul and Zabeth Bayne and Derek Hoare come along to wrest our attention. Something has happened to their families that has interrupted their family routine and happiness. Oh but much worse than that, this occurrence has introduced a horror and an unrelenting panic against which they are virtually powerless.  
During the past week I have been reflecting on the importance and the value of the family to me personally. There are so many personal anecdotes that might serve to illustrate my conclusions yet while interesting, they may not of themselves establish the value I place upon family. So permit me plainly to express what I am certain is true for everyone – ultimately, family means everything.

Family is that closely knit network within which the most intimate of human feelings are shared. Family relationships engender trust, respect, unconditional acceptance and love. Cherished memories are archived in a family depository that is shared by and accessible to the entire family unit. There is laughter and tradition and history that are inscribed deeply into the corporate consciousness so they serve as the magnet whenever holiday activities and reunion plans are made. All the griefs and exhilarations, heartaches and joys are commonly shared and owned by members of families. There is an enduring sense of belonging within family.

Customarily adults, particularly males, focus their early years upon their careers and the development of a reputation for excellence. They are concerned with income levels, advancement and promotions and qualities of life and often the profound value of family is pressed behind those priorities. When years have past and what is truly of importance resurfaces, it is family once more that claims full attention. Family takes a person with gladness through the stages of life all the way to the finish. Young mothers who spend the majority of their days at home with the care of their children have so much more of their lives invested in their families. Very literally every waking thought pertains to the care and protection of family members. Family importance is not negotiable or questionable for them.

The outcome of my reflection is this. Without the people who matter most to you, Life would be vacant.

Then occasionally people like Paul and Zabeth Bayne and Derek Hoare come along to wrest our attention. Something has happened to their families that has interrupted their family routine and happiness. Oh but much worse than that, this occurrence has introduced a horror and an unrelenting panic against which they are virtually powerless. Government legislation has empowered other people, assumably with families of their own, to determine whether the Bayne and Hoare families should be permitted to function as they are without intervention. Ostensibly the intrusions have the best of intentions, that is, in the interests of children, the incursions are aimed at prevention of neglect, abuse and risk. Such infringement is clearly justifiable in some distressed family situations but suspicions need not translate predictably and almost automatically into apprehensions of children from their parents’ care. It is in the cases of the Baynes and Hoares a violation of trust far graver than the concern that has generated the action. What exacerbates this foul practice is the prevalence, because these two families are merely a sampling of affected families affected by family welfare practice gone sour. Few things today are more offensive than ministries that carry names like Family Welfare, and Ministry of Children and Family Development, when in truth they inflict greater heartache for the children and parents than any of the normal obstacles and issues of life. The Baynes, wrongly accused but vindicated yet without their children for four years. Derek Hoare and daughter Ayn, penalized with what may be months of separation because Ayn managed to evade daddy’s watchful eye for a recent unsurprising, autistic wandering. In these and other cases the Ministry has been more harmful than anything that might have been experienced at home, and the Ministry does not affect immediate corrections but engages in long distance trips into legalized family bankruptcy and emotional family trauma. This must be stopped. The Child, Family and Community Services Act was not designed for such flagrant exploitation by imprudent directors and social workers. Honourable Mary McNeil, put a stop to this!
Dr. Ron Unruh

Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. Family is the basis of any society; destroy families and you destroy the society. I also heard now that child welfare both here and in USA are removing obese kids from their parents' care as well and placing them into foster homes, saying letting your kid be fat is "abuse." The State really is attacking the family from all sides!

  2. I do believe that MCFD in concert with the CFCSA, was explicitly designed to exactly provide the Province and incompetent individuals they employ the means to remove children at will -- any child, for any reason, at any time, regardless of the law that is supposed to govern these actions, or any semblance of human rights.

    The removal and lengthy retentions of Derek and the Bayne's children is hardly unique occurrence. It is not just this Province; all Western countries empowers government to remove children without a warrant or any other preliminary due process "as a precaution" with the excuse it is for the safety and well-being of the removed child.

    Derek's story is gathering steam. I understand from his facebook page that he is being interviewed by the Sun Times today.

    The facebook page (Help Bring little Autistic Girl back to her Daddy - now has nearly 3,000 members. The theme of this page is that if this can happen to his child, this particular type of removal sets a precedent, and all such children are at risk. Generally speaking this is true for all children who are at risk of random removal.

    I note with some interest that the name of Ayn is inspired by Ayn Rand, author of "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead." These are philosophical novels with Libertarian ideals. Atlas Shrugged portrays fascism, socialism and communism – any form of state intervention in society – as systemically and fatally flawed.

    The Baynes are having their children returned, courtesy of an amazingly positive Parental Capacity Assessment that correctly identifies family strengths and finds no flaws. Then there is the placebo-like counselling that is called Project Parent. This is proof positive that the correct assessment was not done in the first place, and a dozen expert opinions were purposely ignored. The specific intent, and result is the needless warehousing of all the children for four years, with the intent to keep them until age 19 or adopt them out to other families.

    Is this not the very definition of evil?

    Derek and Ayn represents a new poster family to fight MCFD. Derek's case demonstrates perfectly how fatally flawed the current child protection system is. If this case doesn't raise public awareness of this fact, I'm not aware of what will.

    Go get 'em, Derek. We are all behind you.


    Please go to this link and make a comment supporting Derek in his efforts to get Ayn back.

  4. Now some "doctor" is trying to get children who are deemed too fat to be taken from their parents and put in foster housing. CPS won't be happy until every child is taken from their parents.

  5. Derek's next court date isn't until September. What a horrible injustice.

  6. On July 12 at 1.18 PM Anon said something like "I gather he had his first hearing today and he learned that his presentation hearing will not take place for months."
    If this is correct, it would be so far out of compliance with the act, that I think anon 1.18 must be mistaken. As I have written more than once the act is apecific that a presentation hearing must take place within seven days of admission to care. A court report with specifice clauses must be filed and a copy given to both parents. Following a presentation hearing there must be a protection hearing within 45 days. The presentation hearing is summary and must be concluded as quickly as possible.
    Ten days before the protection hearing is due to take place the director must serve written notice on both parents stating the time and place of the hearing and also what order is being sought. It follows that as disclosure is mandatory, it should be done in time for the protection hearing.
    There is realistically no expectation that a protection hearing may not be concluded in one day and adjournments may be necessary, However, there is no leeway in the act for avoiding starting within 45 days. The act is written this way in order to guard certain rights and there is no excuse for the prosecution and the courts to play fast and loose with the act. There is nothing to stop short interim hearings to take place before the protection hearing starts in order to discuss or argue access and interim custody.
    If the defence counsel is not insisting on compliance with the act, then he/she is not doing the job properly. I was appalled with the hearing on baby Josiah when the judge allowed the 'presentation hearing' to stretch over two months. This is just blatant manipulation by the judge to avoid compliance and oblige the director. He was pushing his luck I would say and counting on never having to go to appeal. Anyway I am sure anon must be mistaken in the terminology. If he is not, Derek should be booting the butt of his lawyer.

  7. First appearance is what is written on clerk notes for such a hearing. This step is merely to record if the parent contests or accepts the removal. Five minutes is typical.

    The SECOND step, the Presentation Hearing, takes Significantly longer than the 7 days to book. Given the summer break were many judges are on holiday, the September date for Derek's Presentation Hearing is expected.

    Regardless of the wording of the CFCSA, this is the reality of the current Provincial court system.

  8. has Ayn on the front page.

    The article contains new information about MCFD being unhappy Ayn was discharged by BC Children's Hospital.

    The story ends with:
    Discharge documents report that Ayn was medicated receiving 75mg of chlorpromazine up to twice daily. The hospital documents also state that "We saw no bruises or evidence of physical abuse, and her body status (weight, height, vital signs) showed no evidence of neglect". The Ministry doesn't agree with the discharge and is now seeking a longer term hospital stay of a minimum of 6 weeks and is working toward getting Ayn accepted into the Children's Hospital resident patient program.

  9. The Sun Times news interview of Derek:

  10. The Global TV news story:

  11. Thanks to all of you who have commented, providing links and information. This helps me and will certainly aid other readers.

  12. A recent (a few hours ago) news release further undermines the credibility of MCFD:

    VICTORIA — British Columbia's Ministry of Children and Family Development has been drastically under-reporting cases in which children were seriously injured while receiving government help, a new report shows....

    Read more:

  13. This quote from the Times Colonist article says it all:

    "Turpel-Lafond learned of the case through the media and said the girl's emotional trauma alone constituted a critical injury."

    The phrase "emotional trauma" is a absolutely key in describing the damaage MCFD does to children and families.


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