Wednesday, February 27, 2013


You will remember that this GPS blog posted daily stories about Bethany Bayne who at seven weeks of age was removed from her parents, Zabeth and Paul, following a diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome in September 2007. Her removal was accompanied by the apprehensions of both boys as well. For four years, the Baynes sought to prove their innocence and to recover their family. Finally in August 2011 the family was reunited but not until a lengthy court case and a long wait for the judge's decision and several more months of parents jumping through hoops.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When you read today’s blog, you will find it incomprehensible that Ayn has been away from her family for nineteen months. Today I dip back into history to bring out the

MISSING GIRL ALERT: On June 12, 2011 at 1:00 PM the Abbotsford Police were called by family members of a missing 9-year-old girl. The girl, Ayn Van Dyk is autistic and is non-communicative was last seen playing outside of the family residence in the 1800 block of Mt. Lehman Road at 12:30 pm. Ayn was reported as being 4 foot 5 inches tall, weighing 80 pounds and with short blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt with grey shorts and white shoes. Search and rescue teams consisting of police patrol, canine and air units were activated.

Monday, February 25, 2013


THE FINANCIAL POST for Monday, February 25, 2013 ran the article entitled, ‘It’s the end of everything’: Defender of hatemongers, free speech fighting terminal liver cancer,” written by Joseph Brean | Feb 24, 2013 11:30 PM ET

I will not copy Mr. Brean’s piece or portions of it since I do not have his permission. Please read the article. Mr. Brean has recently conducted a personal phone interview with Doug Christie who is dying of cancer, a terminal liver cancer. Mr. Brean is commendably fair-minded in his description of Doug Christie and he has given a worthy report of this lawyer’s exceptional concentration during his career. Mr. Christie has valued free speech so much that even those who utter what most citizens deem to be despicable, he feels deserve a defense that will affirm justice was done. He has defended some of Canada’s notorious so-called hate-mongers.

What I hurried to say in a couple of forums today, was that while the news media keys in one those cases that have hit the news periodically, Mr. Christie has also demonstrated a sympathy for others who needed his help but perhaps could not afford him. I am thinking specifically of the one case with which I am most familiar. Paul and Zabeth Bayne had their three children removed in 2007 when a medical diagnosis concluded that the youngest child was a victim of shaken baby syndrome. In defending themselves, Paul and Zabeth lost their home, her grand piano and their jobs, while attempting to pay for legal fees. They had to give up day-time employment to be free to see their children and to attend to tasks related to office hours of social workers. They took night employment. For four years they battled the Ministry of Children. Zabeth, an accomplished pianist, teamed with other musicians for fund-raising events to finance their defense. Mr. Christie came to their assistance in the last two years of their struggle. It is their own belief and that of others of us who witnessed Mr. Christie in court, that his service was a predominant reason the Ministry could not prove its case against the Baynes and also why their children were subsequently returned to them.

It is with great sadness that we have heard that Doug Christie is gravely ill. He is a fine gentleman, a Catholic and a fine follower of God.

A Wikipedia entry provides you with numerous links to information about Mr. Christie’s work.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


None but Ayn Van Dyk’s parents, know the precise answer to the questions I will now raise, except. You will feel that you can guestimate an answer as I have. We, however, are limited by the extent of our knowledge of the care we believe Ayn received when in Derek’s care, and our lack of knowledge of the foster care she has received since her removal in June 2011.

Well, just think of that. From June 2011 until today February 23, 2013, Ayn has been absent from her family home where she shared life with her dad and two brothers and had access to and visits with her mother Amie. One would have to be convinced that the government’s plan/strategy when removing Ayn, has resulted in significant improvement of Ayn’s life, health, and wellbeing,  in order to justify her removal this sustained period of foster care.

So here’s what I want you to do. I will paste here paragraphs of the Ministry of Children and Family, and I will let you respond with your assessment. The following is found on this website page,

Alternatives to Foster Care
The ministry’s first priority is to keep families together, where possible. We also recognize that sometimes it’s necessary for a child to live outside the family home when their parents are temporarily unable to care for them. When that happens, there are a number of options and choices to be made. Was it possible for the Ministry to keep Ayn with her family in June 2011?
There may be circumstances where a child’s or youth’s needs are best met through foster care, and foster families play an important role in providing homes for vulnerable children. However, foster care is a temporary placement, usually with people who are strangers to the child.  Have Ayn’s needs been better met met through foster care than they could be in Derek’ home?
As an alternative to foster care, children may, in some circumstances, live with a relative or another significant person with whom the child is comfortable and connected. Current research recognizes the benefits for children and youth to be cared for by relatives and others with an established relationship with the child when they are not able to remain in their parents’ care. Extended family care helps maintain family ties and enhances children’s opportunities to stay connected to their own families and communities. Was this option ever presented to Derek and Amie?
There are a number of options available for relatives or others to care for children and youth, including:
  Placement with a Person Other than the Parent – If a child is removed from a family home because of safety concerns, a judge may make an order for the child to live in the custody of someone other than the child’s parents. If you care for a child under this type of order, you may be able to receive financial assistance. Did safety concerns drive the Ministry response in June 2011?  Did the Ministry do due diligence in studying Derek’s home and care ability?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Seth is one of the thousands of children, young adults and adults who live with autism that affects everything they are and do, but who have found art(s) to be their window or avenue to expression and creativity and joy.

As an artist myself, I cannot tell you how moved I am by the creativity resident in autistic children and adults and this is a sample. His name is Seth. I salute you, you special parents of autistic children who daily encourage your children to be all they can be.

For years Seth barely communicated to his mother, who is an unusually dedicated mom, yet she never gave up trying to find a therapy that would allow her son to have a life that gave him release and joy. when he was 20 years of age, she found that he connected to art. Suddenly life changed for them both.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about art and autism, and will share a website that may light your own fire for a local school of art for the autistic.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Amie is Ayn Van Dyk's mother.

In recent weeks, the Ministry of children arranged for Ayn to have at home visits with Amie.

Amie has been thrilled with the outcome.

After one and one half years, it was unknown how Ayn would respond to this. She has been in foster care all that time with the exception of some weeks in hospital at the beginning of this sordid saga.