Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Seth is one of the thousands of children, young adults and adults who live with autism that affects everything they are and do, but who have found art(s) to be their window or avenue to expression and creativity and joy.

As an artist myself, I cannot tell you how moved I am by the creativity resident in autistic children and adults and this is a sample. His name is Seth. I salute you, you special parents of autistic children who daily encourage your children to be all they can be.

For years Seth barely communicated to his mother, who is an unusually dedicated mom, yet she never gave up trying to find a therapy that would allow her son to have a life that gave him release and joy. when he was 20 years of age, she found that he connected to art. Suddenly life changed for them both.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about art and autism, and will share a website that may light your own fire for a local school of art for the autistic.

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