Friday, March 27, 2015


Isabella would be almost four years old now.  She is dead. In 2011 her mother Sara Jane Wiens was an Ontario resident who had fled to B.C. to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. Her lawyer Jack Hittrich, says that the B.C. Ministry falsely alleged that Wiens was fleeing a child protection order in Ontario. He customarily has substantial reason for the things he says.

In Hittrichs words, She is told that she cannot parent because she poses a risk to this young child…The child is scooped from her. There’s no attempt made to work with her to reunite her with her child. They then completely abdicate their responsibility to monitor the foster home and attend to these injuries.”

Sara Jane Wiens was 21 years old when her baby, two-month-old Isabella was removed from her by MCFD in August 2011 and placed in foster care. At the time, Wiens was deemed unfit to care for Isabella. 21 months later in March 2013, her baby died in her crib while in that care home, a service that the government deemed was in the child's best interests.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Sara Jane Wiens and baby Isabella
It looks like the Ministry of Children and Family Development is once again going to be defending a losing case in a B.C. court. Sara Jane Wiens is suing the Ministry and the Minister, Stephanie Cadieux. MCFD should acquiesce right now because Christopher Heslinga and Jack Hittrich are the lawyers for Ms. Wiens. Mr. Hittrich is exceptionally effective at exposing MCFD incompetence. Nevertheless the MCFD will send its legal team into the fray at the expense of taxpayers. That's the pattern. No admissions. Merely costly defenses. The Ministry wins most cases. Perhaps not any longer.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development was only doing it's job. That's the fallback cover line when any case goes south. It's not good enough when the credo of MCFD is persistently, 'the best interests of the child.'