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Isabella would be almost four years old now.  She is dead. In 2011 her mother Sara Jane Wiens was an Ontario resident who had fled to B.C. to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. Her lawyer Jack Hittrich, says that the B.C. Ministry falsely alleged that Wiens was fleeing a child protection order in Ontario. He customarily has substantial reason for the things he says.

In Hittrichs words, She is told that she cannot parent because she poses a risk to this young child…The child is scooped from her. There’s no attempt made to work with her to reunite her with her child. They then completely abdicate their responsibility to monitor the foster home and attend to these injuries.”

Sara Jane Wiens was 21 years old when her baby, two-month-old Isabella was removed from her by MCFD in August 2011 and placed in foster care. At the time, Wiens was deemed unfit to care for Isabella. 21 months later in March 2013, her baby died in her crib while in that care home, a service that the government deemed was in the child's best interests.
Wiens was permitted supervised visits during the 21 months of Isabella's foster care, and she has said that she noticed bruises on her daughter during supervised visits and that she told her social worker (MCFD employee), but she was ignored and that no action seems to have been taken to investigate.  Following the child's death, there was no determination of cause in a coroner’s report that recorded that the body had several bruises and indications of unexplained healing fractures on the girl's left arm. Sara Jane had to fight for eight months to receive a copy of the coroner's report.

Sara Jane states that when she learned of her daughter's death, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…My heart sank. My whole world came crashing down before my eyes that day…The system failed me, and I trusted the system with my flesh and blood…"They're telling me I can't parent and that I'm dangerous and that I will potentially harm my child and … then they take her from me, put her in a home, and she ends up dead."

Now, 2 years later Sara Jane Wiens has filed a civil lawsuit against the B.C. government and the province's director of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Stephanie Cadieux. The lawsuit alleges recklessness and bad faith, claiming that the government inadequately supervised Isabella's care within the foster home and failed to appropriately consider returning daughter to birth mother. Sara Jane Wiens is seeking answers. She wants to know whether the foster home was investigated by the ministry. The foster home has been shut down but the ministry has not disclosed whether this child's death precipitated that action. Sara Jane also wants an apology from the Ministry and from Ms. Cadieux for the infant's death. Sara Jane says, If one thing can get changed to prevent this from happening to another person, then I know I was able to make that small change.”

Sara Jane Wiens resides in Ontario.


  1. I am so sorry that this happened I had the same office as Sara. I to reported bruises on my son and they ignored me to. The Ministry of Children and Family development took my son, because they said I was mentally handicapped with out support services would have to place him I'm foster care. The Ministry also said that I had a low average intelligence, in other words intellectually challenged there was nothing they could do. The bottom line they removed my child based on my disabilty and it is so very wrong when they do. My other boy his dad was know as a violent offender to the police and physically abused my son. I tried to flee from the abuse but instead suffered further abuse due to the Ministry they just ignored me like they did Sara
    But as a parent you are powerless. I got an assessment done and the pyschologist told them off all this time I had the capacity to parent. I spoke up and made a complaint the Ministry's response to that was force me to adopt because the adoption was more important that the mother having access. That was 20 years ago I was told by the Ministry I am never seeing my boys again the home I was fleeing abuse they made a restricted foster home. The fact of the matter is the MCFD lack any accountability when will the be made accountable. I hope Sara dose get closure and justice The ministry has no right taking kids based on a parents disabilty and what they did to Sara and the fact her daughter dide is disgraceful how many kids have died or been critically injured Because of the Ministry's negligence or just Ignorance, and how many parents suffer when there kids don't even have to be in foster care? Something needs to be serious done about this when is enough really enough?

  2. Hey Ron I have a meeting with the Minister of Children and Family Development soon I never gave up and I was on CTV NEWS so in the media now because of my service dog I have a really good lawyer now to so I hope like Sara I might have closure to what happened to Sara is really sad I was trying to say this is what the MCFD did to me question why are these kids even in foster care?
    No they should no be placing them in foster care based on a parents disabilty! Now we know the truth
    Don't we why kids are placed in foster care!

  3. It’s been a long time since I tried to recall your story Lisa, when we were all cheering for the Baynes. You have reminded me again. It’s a sad and unfair outcome that you are one of the parents who have lost so much and without an audience among the decision makers in this ministry and legislated society. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I do trust that you will gradually experience peace, and find causes and reasons that give you joy.

  4. Update now we have evidence why the MCFD are removing children like in Sara's case her learning disabilty would cause her child harm. Isabella didnt need to die in foster care they are just cruel! When socoalworkers are
    Abusive in thier conduct or disregard moms that has nothing to with child protection! Karma is a bitch! Now moms have had enough and are fighting back!
    We are thousands because its neber to late to take back your power!!! We can go back and prove tge knowingly report false protection concerns or removed our children in bad faith!!! This is huge I bet MCFD didnt see this coming!!! We are going to fight until they are made acountable!!! I hope Sara Jane wiens contacts me!!! We had the same office!!! God Bless you!!!

    1. I am glad Lisa that you have energy to stay on top of these efforts. I am removed for the most part from involvement in any cases. It’s simply what life and priorities require of me now.


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