Tuesday, July 26, 2016


CRAIG HILL NEEDS OUR HELP - I write out of concern for Craig Hill, founder and editor of The Valley Voice News.  Craig also has a Facebook presence. As you know he is a friend and advocate to Chilliwack and the Upper Fraser Valley providing without cost, both news coverage of area events and advertisement space to local businesses.  He needs immediate help from his community ASAP. On short notice he is being forced out of an apartment in which he has lived as a model tenant for twenty years. He has exhausted appeals and not having found another affordable living space, his apartment contents will be removed to the street on Sunday July 31st, 2016 at 1:00 PM. That is days from now. This is worrying in the extreme. Craig is 60 years old, on disability following a truck accident that injured his legs but is mobile. The stress may have contributed to recent petite and grand mal seizures. This friend needs help, to find him a place to live preferably in Chilliwack area. He has appealed to friends, acquaintances and the community at large for leads to rental apartment. Can you inform Craig of a temporary lodging or a permanent living space? He is fine man and a good tenant.

You can reach Craig by EMAIL thevalleyvoice@shaw.ca or by telephone 604-392-NEWS (6397).

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Radita First Degree Murder Case is Postponed Until Fall

The first degree murder trial has been adjourned until the fall, but a specific date for this continuation will not be determined until Aug. 19.

Huffington Post has an informative series of articles on the Redita case. Alexandru died while in the custody, care and home of his parents Emil and Rodica, who have been charged with first degree murder. 

You could not imagine that Alexandru is fifteen years old (Source: Calgary Herald from photos released by the Court)

Emil (59) and Rodica (53) Radita, father & mother