Wednesday, February 27, 2013


You will remember that this GPS blog posted daily stories about Bethany Bayne who at seven weeks of age was removed from her parents, Zabeth and Paul, following a diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome in September 2007. Her removal was accompanied by the apprehensions of both boys as well. For four years, the Baynes sought to prove their innocence and to recover their family. Finally in August 2011 the family was reunited but not until a lengthy court case and a long wait for the judge's decision and several more months of parents jumping through hoops.
Throughout the four years, Paul and Zabeth Bayne visited the children faithfully each week and retained and sustained a parental relationship particularly with the boys who were four and two when they were removed, and established a relationship with Bethany who had been too young to remember them. 

They have been happily together since Aug 2011, with a great family life, living as though nothing had ever interfered with their family. Some pictures from Zabeth show a recent marker of Bethany's growth and progress. She was involved in a Highland Dancing competition. It's a remarkable sight really. 
Here she poses with mommy and her youngest brother, who was born while the court case was in progress, and who was taken out of Zabeth's care while the premature child was still in hospital. He was several months old before he reunited with his mom in her home. Her milk was brought to his foster home for his feeding. 

At what point will this Ministry and its workers say, so much that we do is unnatural and questionable and we will not do it anymore.

Thankfully we have a beautiful little girl here who is thriving at home  with her three brothers. Now I can only hope, that Ayn Van Dyk will very soon rejoin her two brothers and her parents from whom she has been withheld for 19 months. Why? Because she is autistic and so is one of her brothers, and because without doing due diligence, the MCFD decided her parents could not handle their responsibility. Prove it! It's unnecessary for the MCFD. It's only necessary if it proceeds to a court of law. However, if MCFD promises to return the child finally, the court case is abandoned and a transitional procedure can be established which might take an indefinite period of time. I hope that is not the case. We will see.  

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