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In a quality news story, Global TV with Ted Chernecki aired Ayn Van Dyk’s plaintiff story and her father Derek Hoare had opportunity to express reoccurring criticisms about the practice of the Ministry of Children. This is Ayn’s story, Ayn pronounced Eyen. Ayn is Derek’s nine year old daughter who has been removed by the Ministry of Children. (Sound quality is poor for the first few seconds)

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Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296
 When some parents are themselves damaged human beings, addicted, unstable, irresponsible, then I affirm the need for authorized personnel to perform the thankless job of intervention. Yet with this legislated crushing interruptive power comes responsibility and accountability. We are speaking constantly here about the need for social workers to be permitted to use discernment rather than compelled through protocol to be expedient. That which is convenient is certainly not always equivalent to honorable.

Protect vulnerable children. Absolutely. Children should not be abused. They should not be victimized by anyone including parents and other caregivers. Children in our country should be secure, healthy, well nourished, be provided with shelter, clothing, educational opportunity and skill development. Sprinkled upon them should be contentment, delight, pleasure, amusement and happiness. However, when a mere question arises about the care of a child or the potential for risk to a child then invest an avalanche of discernment and wisdom into acquiring answers to the question rather than subjecting a child to the terror of removal and separation, knowing that this action will now drag on for many months in this jam-crammed justice system. 

Journalist Ezra Levant of the Sun News, a highly sympathetic interviewer, talked with Derek who expressed himself effectively. 

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Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. Derek has support from the public, and will continue to garner support as the facts of his case are revealed to the world. MCFD is really in a bind now, and the longer they delay, the worse it will get for them.

    A news release 2 hours ago will also not help MCFD's credibility:

    VICTORIA — British Columbia's Ministry of Children and Family Development has been drastically under-reporting cases in which children were seriously injured while receiving government help, a new report shows.

    Read more:

    This ministry is just one big fraud. They are causing severe trauma to children and families for one reason only - they are on a power trip. They need to be held accountable. In the past, they have always been able to control the press, and the story. Those days are gone. Justice is coming.

  2. My wife and I sat and watched in disbelief that something like this could happen. Then again, we know that there has been a precedent set, over and over again, of the totalitarian and dictatorial power practiced by 'The Ministry.' Sadly, these stories are starting to become mainstream more often.

    It's hard not to get worked up about these injustices but, until there is a massive review on the Gestapo-like MCFD methods, things will continue on with family after family unfairly being torn apart. Do you think that what they do encourages families or forces them to hide? If a child falls of their bike, do you think a mother may now think twice before taking her 7 year old to the hospital? Do you think that a toddler, walking through the backyard on a warm summer's day and trips on the lawn sprinkler and cuts his leg, will be taken to the closest clinic for treatment? Will families now not be afraid to seek any medical care?

    Ironic, isn't it, that a Ministry charged with the protection of families keeps destroying them? Yet it seems there is no appetite for any sort of investigation. It's so sickening.

  3. This is a great trailer from
    We need a Canadian version.
    I rather suspect that notifying these people of this issue with Ayn would pique their interest because the danger exists in the U.S. as well.

    There is an offhand comment in the Sun Times interview that the story has 'gone viral.' Well, not quite yet, but I'm sure it will get there.

    The longer MCFD keeps the child, like a greedy monkey with their hands clenched peanuts stuck in a jar, they will continue to be lambasted by public opinion.

  4. Derek is extremely well spoken (as the Baynes have also been); thank you for sharing these videos. It is indeed extremely troubling how something like this can happen.

  5. WOW!, people riot in the streets of Vancouver over a Stupid hockey game! They should be rioting over this case and others. This MCFD proves once again that they are ruthless, heartless, gutless and cowardly! They are out of control and out of their minds to think they are helping this child! Is there ANYONE in the MCFD "world" that has any common sense! "What a wonderful world it could be" but isn't!

  6. My wife just handed me a couple of Abbotsford newspaper clippings dated April 25, 1992. The first is entitled, "Leave us alone say parents ...Child care laws need revising" and the other "Investigate accusers, forum told ... Government intervention can do more harm than good." Both articles relate to behaviour of Ministry of Social Services. The more time passes the more it stays the same, it seems. I was just wondering how long the highest "ranked" MCFD personnel have been working with MCFD. As a unionized organization, would it be safe to assume that seniority with MCFD is the criterion for advancement and so the people at the top are the ones who have been involved with MCFD for 20 or more years? Are they the same ones who have been repeating the same bad decisions over and over and our ever-changing elected politicians stand back and leave the decisions for the "professionals" and can't comment because "its before the courts?"

  7. Exceedingly astute observation by Ken 5:14pm.

    Two workers involved in my case had over 20 years of experience in the same position, removing children. (As opposed to dealing with the family after the removal occurred.)

    When my children were removed, these experienced social workers stayed behind the scenes to wreck havoc, advising junior workers.

    It would indeed be a very interesting report to get a complete list of the 2600+ social workers in the province and list their years of service, position, salary, number of children removed, and whether they have children or not.

  8. Ron, here is a better quality Sun Time interveiw.

  9. Thanks folks for the comments and the links


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