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This morning Derek Hoare, whose daughter Ayn was removed from school by the Ministry of Children and Family Development several weeks ago, wrote this paragraph on the Facebook page bearing the title, 'Help Bring Little Autistic Girl Back to Daddy."
Can everyone imagine for a moment that you personally lived in a world where as you went about your day, you knew that at any moment... be it at home, work in school... people could come and grab you and forcibly put you in a vehicle and drive you to a big building where you were isolated and confined with strangers forcing medications on you, trying to draw blood from you, ECG's, scales, poking and prodding. They would not tell you were your family was or your family where you were, you were trapped and drugged by the will of another, a stranger, someone who doesn't even know you. And if you get upset... well then they drug you more with powerful doses enough to inundate you with lethargy. That is now reality for my daughter she will live with that knowledge for years.... for years this will remain a possibility in her mind. Many do not believe that it is possible... she KNOWS it does.

He wrote this piece at approximately 3 AM this morning. He doesn't sleep much. He is a night owl from necessity. He cares for his other two children. He is a single dad, and a full-time caregiver. One of these two sons at home is autistic. So is Ayn, his nine year old girl whose experience he has described very well. Yesterday he was interviewed by Bill Good on CKNW 980. The post immediately preceding this one has a url link which allows you to listen to that archived interview. Further, the Ministry was receiving further public exposure and censure by three more parents being interviewed by Kari Simpson on the Road Kill Radio Show.

Derek's daughter's seizure and incarceration however, has already received substantial push back from numerous Autism groups and their members who recognize immediately the overreaction and heavy-handedness of the Ministry's social workers in Ayn's case. Ayn, did nothing different from what autistic children frequently do - wander off. And Derek did not neglect her or abandon care of her. She was playing in a fenced back yard and he took his eyes off of her for some time, what, minutes? - to do an errand in the house, and she in her playhouse, managed to climb over the fence. She was contained in an enclosed space. She lived in a house with doors and windows that lock securely. Is every parent whose child takes a short excursion going to be reported and lose their child if the police become involved in a search? Is apprehension of the child the only means by which MCFD can conduct an investigation of the wandering incident?

Derek says that MCFD implied that they have removed Ayn for assessment to lighten his parenting load because it was apparent to them that three children, two of who are autistic, is too much for him to handle. Is that the quality of social work in this province? Is this satisfactory to Hon. Mary McNeil, Minister of Children? It is far from satisfactory to all of us - the electorate, the voting public, the people whom our elected politicians represent and the families whom Premier Christy Clark has touted are her Liberal government's priority. I can't imagine that MCFD social workers themselves are content with some of the actions of their colleagues. I am merely a commentator here. What I can tell you is this, quite apart from this simple blog, Derek's and Ayn's story and the offensive action by a government ministry against them has caught worldwide attention. It is being blogged and websited and news reported prolifically. The Bayne Case has been disgusting enough. Paul and Zabeth have proven to be intelligent and dedicated and relentless champions of their family. Now a child with a serious disorder will become the detonator. The sympathy quotient is running high. The cover is coming off this sloppy child protection work. It can be done so much better, kinder, responsibly, compassionately.

Watch this Youtube video of Ayn prepared for Derek with love by his sister, Mandy - well done!!! 

And Kari Simpson interviewed Derek via phone on the Road Kill Radio Show and you can hear it here.


  1. The so called child protection in this country is so out of control. People are scared to death of having their children snatched away from them for no good reason. All it takes is a call from someone you pissed off and yours and your whole childs life is ruined. Is this in the best interest of the children? What kind of Country do we live in? I wonder if another country will take me and my family in aas refugee's considering our family could be in danger from tthe Children's Aid? How many more children need to be taken before the people of Canada realize that the Children's Aid is not doing it's job properly. They are not working in the best interests of the children and they are destroying families which leaves long lasting effects. I am discusted by the fact that this is all being done with our tax dollars and nobody is doing a darn thing about it. God please keep our children safe.

  2. Yes, and now we have another "well respected expert" (just like the now-notorious Charles Randall Smith, who should be in jail if there was any justice) telling us that "obese" children should be put in foster housing. Child protection, or rather so-called child protection, is merely a pretext to violate - in the worst way - the rights of children and families. Let's not even begin discussing the pros and cons of taking children away if they are deemed too fat, because what really needs to be discussed is penalizing the people who are even making such suggestions.

    Foster care is responsible for far more abuse of children than parents are. This has been proven, yet we now have people who have taken a Hippocratic Oath, telling us we should subject our children not only to harm to them, but to the family and democracy. We are truly living in a police state, and it is shocking that we are even debating the pros and cons, for example, of children being sent to foster care because the government says they are too fat.

  3. Children are 11 times more likely to be abused in State care than they are in their own homes.

    *National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN)

    Children died as a result of abuse in foster care 5.25 times more often than children in the general population. 2.1 percent of all child fatalities took place in foster care. While this may seem like a relatively low number, we must consider the contrast in population between children in the general population versus children in foster care. In 1997, there were nearly 71 million children in the general population (99.6%), but only 302 thousand in state care (.4%) in state care. As state care is supposed to be a 'safe haven', the number of fatalities should be less or at least equal to what it is in the general population of children. By this standard, there should have been less than .4% of child fatalities occurring in foster care, however, there was 5.25 times that amount. (31 states reporting)

    *CPS Watch Inc.

    And thanks to the recent report of our ever so vigilant RCY, we now know that MCFD (and no doubt other CPS agencies all over the world) are grossly under reporting the harm that occurs to children in foster care.

    In other words, to send a child to foster care, is to knowingly (and anyone who has the power to do this, has the onus of knowing the harm) subject the child to harm.

  4. We should be careful not to fall into the trap of saying these autistic children have "run away from home," as that implies they are running from something, e.g., abuse.

  5. We need some bumper stickers for vehicles with this photo of Ayn (Justice4Ayn) and a website address. All parents who have been victims of the Ministry should spread the word however they can.

    MCFD and all these other out of control CPS agencies really fear one thing above all else:


  6. I read the piece about obese children needing foster care. It was done by the AMA. That is silly. My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and he was put on anti-psychotics, it is one year later and it turns out he was misdiagnosed. I had to have one year of therapy since I was in 'denial' of his 'illness'. He came off of anti-psychotics and he is fine. Today in the National Post they are examining the spike in the controversial trend of diagnosing children as young as 2 years old. SOme of these children are no longer with us as they were killed by the meds their parents were forced to give them. These drugs cause obesity and type 2 diabetes. THis is not science fiction. I spent lots of time with youngsters with this illness and permanent metabolic damage from anti-psychotics. Kids in care have no chance to say 'no' to these 'treatments' since MCFD forces then onto their pills. Or if the parents say 'no' they are forcibly removed and put into foster care. Don't laugh, it is not science fiction. It happened to me in B.C. Canada.THen they say they will give obese children to foster care, when it is the forcible treatments from MCFD and foster care that causes obesity and diabetes in children. How strange children protection agencies are.

  7. sadly this is very common. ASD CHILDREN ARE MOST AT RISK, OF BEING REMOVED, AND CHANGE FOR THEM AT ALL IS VERY HARD. and makes them nervous. Ombudsman of Ont, 1st report was on this issues, making parents into abusers. Sort reports, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the government has put all funding into mental health though child protection, some years ago.ASD is not a mental illness. YET funding is in hands of child protection.. it was once blamed on mothers. OF course we understand it.. this is governments idea of cost saving. and not child protection, they are also most at risk of death in so called care. A family from Alberta, knows all to well, but they are far from alone. I ONCE made a call for services for my child. now she is gone. some service.

  8. Another fine article on Derek and Ayn's story:

  9. A girlfriend of mine went into a fast food restaurant to get some quick dinner for her family. Upon returning home she got a call from a SW - it seems that the girl at the counter thought she had left her kids in the van while making her purchase. It should be noted that she was the only customer in the store and the van was always in full view - but she had NOT left them in the van. They were at home with a family member. That being said, the SW told her that they would let the incident go this time, but that she should be aware that a further call would be investigated and that if there was ever a 3rd call EVER, they would automatically have their children removed while they investigated further. So one pesky, vindictive neighbour who decides to be ornery can result in your child being removed - in the Bayne's family's case it was for 4 years. In Derek's case he will have to wait months to even be heard by a judge while they 'investigate'. For other Canadian families, this is a living hell for an unspecified time.

    Given that Ayn had received prior complaints for her behaviour at the school, would it seem that the obvious solution to the problem for all BC families should be home-schooling?

  10. Another interview with Derek. 5pm Sunday July 24, 2011

  11. Anon at July 24, 2011 2:41 PM -

    Very shocking to read accounts such as yours, and I agree that children should be home schooled and even - unless there are medical problems - born at home, as the risk of being seized by this sick, out of control Ministry is so great nowadays.

    It's high time this Ministry and all the bullies who are terrorizing families were held accountable. In addition to losing their jobs, they should be sued. And those who have engaged in criminal activity should pay severe penalties, as there can be no more severe penalty than losing one's children, or - if you are a child - losing your parents.


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