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Josiah - a June 2011 photo

While I was informed some weeks ago, under instructions from the Ministry it was to remain confidential until yesterday. Well, yesterday was Zabeth's Birthday, coincidence but what a great way to celebrate. They were able to inform their children that this anticipated event was now official. They have been for some time enjoying unsupervised visitation and overnights with the children. The course of action developed by the area office is a kind of incremental return. Baby Josiah will come home first so that Paul and Zabeth can adjust to caring full-time for their youngest child, now five months old. Kent (7), Baden (6) and Bethany (3) come home three weeks later. Here is a comment from Zabeth herself.
"Wow!!! Thanks so much everyone. Thank you for all your birthday wishes - I sure feel special:) We had a beautiful day and it started by waking up with our baby Josiah beside us! Also we were able to tell our children today that they are really coming home! On Aug 2 Josiah will be returned to us and on Aug 25 our older three will be returned! We will remember this day forever."
So that is the timetable for the return. August 2nd Josiah. Kent, Baden, and Bethany August 25th.
We are very happy for this family.


  1. What wonderful news to wake up too this morning !!! And as this door begins to close may a new, wondrous path open up before them.

  2. This good news was a very long time in coming! We are celebrating for Paul & Zabeth! Thanks Ron - you just made my...year!

  3. Great news...but why an incremental return? It certainly wasn't an incremental abduction 4 years ago...

  4. We rejoice with you that this news can be brought to the attention of the public at last! Thank you Lord and thank you Zabeth and Paul for hanging in their, keeping faith, and integrity!

    However, it's frightening that a family can have their children taken, wait three and one half years to get a hearing without be charged. Then we have the court determine in the end that the accusation isn't warranted, the judge says return in three months but the MCFD devises a way to reluctantly comply on their very own terms and time frame.

    One would think the children would have been returned immediately when the judge did not support the accusation of Shaken Baby syndrome. Now, nearly four years after Dr. Colburn's accusations, MCFD is allowing the children to go home again. Wow!! Canada where are you going?

    The Baynes are happy to have the children coming home nevertheless, and the MCFD and the judge Crabtree and the reigning gov't all saved face - or did they?

  5. Time to tally up the costs and start the quest for accountability.

    The proximity to Zabeth's birthday (yesterday) is tooo coincidental for my tastes. Clearly MCFD wants the family to think well of them.

    MCFD: "All's well, let's bygones by bygones?"

  6. Praise God! This is such great and long over-due news! I am so happy for them! At long last! I just hope they can remain truly Ministry free and not still have to be supervised and live under their oppression and watchful eye for the rest of their lives!

  7. Tears of joy! Thank you so much, Ron, Ray, Doug Christie and all the many people who fought for this wonderful family.

    This will give hope to all the parents who are still fighting for their children. And when Josiah, Kent, Baden and Bethany learn, in years to come, of the struggle their parents and an entire community had with MCFD, they will be so proud, and feel so grateful for the love and tenacity of their parents.

    It is not hard to envision great destinies for these children. They will be raised in at atmosphere of love and with a deep respect for the struggle for justice, especially as it relates to parental rights. This is the next generation.

    "If it were not for injustice, men would not know justice."

    - Heraclitus (540 BC - 480 BC)

  8. I rejoice with you in celebrating this wonderfully good news!

    But I echo the sentiments of two earlier comments. It is outrageous that the state can retain custody of children for almost four years on the basis of one false accusation. Controlling to the end, MCFD will return the children only on their timetable. Why not today!

    Multiple "thank yous" to Ron Unruh, Ray Ferris, Doug Christie and the many more people who have worked so hard to bring this about. They have also raised public awareness of what can go terrible wrong when a government ministry asserts power without control.

  9. Keep up the good work. The tide is turning. Let's keep the pressure on. MCFD needs to be held accountable. All wrongly held children need to be returned, including Derek Hoare's 9 year old autistic daughter, Ayn Van Dyk.

  10. Today I just want to congratulate Paul and Zabeth for finally seeing the end of their long and valiant struggle to have their children back. I congratulate Doug Christie, Ron Unruh and all those staunch people in the alliance for justice who have worked so long and hard in the cause of justice.I especially want to mention Charter Lau and K-HJohn Chung. I am proud to have been a member of that team, who inspired me to keep going, when I thought the task was hopeless.
    Today I want everyone to be happy and joyful. There is enough time tomorrow to chastise the morons that inflicted this suffering on a lovely family.

  11. Well Ray, you are not one to pat your own back, so let me tell folk that you were a significant encouragement to Paul and Zabeth and technical resource to them and to Doug Christie. So thank you Ray.

  12. It is amazing how involved we can become with people we do not know, but involved we certainly have become. I know that I (and my family) are not alone in our feelings of frustration, heartbreak and yes ANGER as we have avidly followed this appalling saga.
    Any other outcome would have produced serious grief, but PRAISE TO OUR GOD we are able to rejoice from the bottom of our hearts today.
    I feel a deep love for Paul, Zabeth, Kent, Baden, Bethany and little Josiah, and a deep respect for you Ron, Ray Ferris, Doug Christie etc.etc. who could have given up but didn't. May the Lord Himself build and bless this faithful family and restore to them what the locusts have eaten.

  13. What an incredible day for Paul, Zabeth and their children! An outcome that could have happened years ago, but for the stubbornness and incompetance of the MCFD in THIS case! Paul and Zabeth, "rejoice and enjoy the moments" then write your story and have it published, heck make a movie! People love a good story about a villain a victim and a happy ending! Oh and while we're at it, it would be nice to have some Justice served to ones who perpetrated this travesty toward the Bayne family! In this age, but for sure the next age!


  14. WOW...FINALLY! My family and I are SO excited to hear the news! We have been praying and fighting for this family for way too long...this is so good! I can't wait for the day to see the Baynes all together in their home, finally re-united. This precious family will be "home" Thank you God!

  15. I am very happy for this family. It will be a hard road ahead but with the strength of this family it shouldn't be a an issue. Congradulations Baynes! God bless you, I am very happy your nightmare is over.

  16. I am happy for the family but daresay it might be prudent for them to pick up and move out of the jurisdiction, away from prying Ministry eyes, to be off their radar, away from their monitoring and just have a fresh start.If I were them I would be forever fearful they would return and snatch the kids away again, or at the very least force them into life-long supervision, never really being free. I think to truly be free of their intrusion they should just disappear and start over where they don't know where they are.

  17. Will you continue writing, Ron?

  18. Hello Anon July 25 7:28 AM
    I am pondering that decision presently. I will likely write a couple of posts when the children are finally at home. Then I am considering a lengthy writing break.

  19. MCFD taketh and MCFD giveth. When, and who, will they next taketh?

  20. What wonderful news !!!Praise God, prayer does work. Keep up the good work to the people who battled for this family. May God bless and keep you Baynes family.

  21. Ron, I sure hope you continue with this blog, because it helped more than the Baynes; it gave hope and power to all the desperate parents out there who had nobody to speak for them.

    And now that we have this terribly sad tragedy of Ayn Van Dyk, the little autistic girl who was taken from her dad, and put on 3 awful and powerful anti-psychotic drugs, a writer of your talent and power is of great importance.

    This blog, your writing, was instrumental in bringing home the Bayne children. What an accomplishment! I sure hope you can find a way to continue.

  22. Praise God. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed and up to date throughout this entire ordeal Ron. Blessings to you friend. We will continue to pray for wholeness and restoration as I am sure that over this period of time, there are things that we cannot see that need God's touch and healing power. Hallelujah! I jump for joy!!

  23. I have been praying for your family since all of this began. I will continue to pray for all of you. My heart rejoices with you for this turn of events. I've been praying that God would return to you what the locusts have taken and eaten,that His favor would shine on you and that He would protect each of your hearts through the past painful years.

  24. What wonderful news! God is so good. We have been praying and are so excited for the Baynes family!

    It is frightening what the MCFD can do without valid evidence. I hope when the dust settles, you will have the strength to ask questions to help prevent other families from experiencing such torment. We'll continue to pray that your children will easily adjust to being a family once again!

  25. Wow!!! Such good news!! My family and I have been praying for the Baynes and the return of their precious children. I have never been more disappointed, however, with the MCFD. thank you Ron,Ray, and Doug for your diligence!! God bless you! Tears (or joy!) still pour down my cheeks as I write this. God bless you all!
    And for the Baynes: You have an amazing "extended" family out there! WE love you!

  26. Beloved Baynes family, I rejoice with you !! It gives us hope for the future of a branch of our family that is currently "under ministry care". All Praise and Glory to our Precious Benefactor, Jesus~May each breath you take individually and collectively, be a breath of Praise. I am Stanny, Rebecca's Mumma. XXXOOO


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