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Derek lives in Abbotsford. Derek Hoare is a well spoken and articulate man who is missing his daughter. Actually, that’s how this family horror began. She went missing from his house – just wandered off. Within four hours she was found. Days later she went missing from her school – this time because the Ministry of Children and Family Development removed her. I have told you his story in previous posts.

Now I want you to read his own coherent account.

Perhaps over this weekend you can read a bit more about his family and then join a rapidly growing movement, populated significantly by other parents of autistic children. This movement is rallying to insist upon the return of his child. These supporters understand the never-ending challenges of caring for autistic offspring and the dedication required to do it well. They also understand that brief disappearances are standard behaviour. Parents do not require intervention. That is not help. That is not development. MCFD has justified the action of its social workers but it is unacceptable to the rest of us, deplorable, intolerable. You may want to acquaint yourself with Derek Hoare and his ten year old daughter Ayn who is autistic and instead of being at home with daddy is being held within the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development but not for any acceptable or justifiable reason now.

Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296
On his Facebook Page entitled Help Bring little Autistic girl back to her daddy he has told part of his story and supporters from around the world have begun to leave their names and their comments. At this Facebook page you will immediately perceive that he and Ayn have a rapidly broadening support network (2087 members and counting). The ministry's reputation will take another deservedly huge hit because of this. The removal was procedural but unnecessary.

“My name is Derek I am a single father of three wonderful young children, aged 9, 10 and 11; my youngest two have both been diagnosed with severe autism. Though a constant and challenging struggle, I have done my best to protect and nurture them, as I love them so much and have dedicated my life to their achievement of happiness. My youngest child is a bright and beautiful little spitfire named Ayn. She has and is blossoming so well here at home and has come so far to overcome her obvious disability, she does however continue to struggle and has outbursts when in other environments, particularly at school. Ayn is naive and unaware of the dangers that exist in the world at large, so when on Sunday she escaped the backyard, we were very worried for her safety. With each passing moment the likelihood increased that something terrible had happened, as Ayn would easily stand out from other children and should have been quickly spotted. Fortunately Ayn was discovered two doors down playing in a neighbour's backyard. The neighbour had taken an afternoon nap which provided Ayn with the ability to play undisturbed. The challenges I have faced in caring for my daughter have been encompassing and life altering, these challenges are very dynamic and new challenges arise as fast as the old ones depart. Now with her discovery of the neighbour's nearby trampoline and pool, she will undoubtedly seek to return there, vigilance will be required to face this new found challenge, but it is one which I must now face just as I have with each prior challenge and as I will have to with our future challenges as well. As it stands today I may never get that opportunity. This morning two workers from CPS arrived at my home to request that I "voluntarily" give Ayn over to them (she was at school at the time), if I refused they would simply coercively remove her. There should be no illusions here when someone approaches you and says "give me your child or I’m taking her" you should not pretend that any such choice would be done "voluntarily". They do not argue that she was abused. They do not argue that she was unnurtured. They simply say that as a single father I have an overwhelming amount of responsibility and workload, and that Ayn's naivety renders her a danger to herself, and due to me having so much to deal with they should remove her in effect to lighten my workload. It is not argued that Ayn was not thriving here, it was not argued that Ayn was failing to improve at home, but that her behaviour was self endangering. My little girl is autistic, I am aware that she does not understand the dangers that lurk. I love her and I protect her. When Ayn has a tantrum at school, I am called to calm her or they send her home to me. When she is injured it is to me whom she turns because she "needs a bandage". The greatest successes this little girl has had were nurtured in the home, she loves it here, she loves her brothers and she loves her Dad, please help me get my little girl back. I would be forever in your debt, Derek."

You can correspond with Derek here, Derek

My previous posts where I mentioned Derek:
Did your child ever go missing for a few minutes, for an hour or so? And were you desperate to find the child. Did you contact the police? And when you found the child weren't you ecstatic and so grateful? So was Derek. ...
GPS: Roadkill Interview of Derek Hoare Tonight / 556  Jun 28, 2011
Roadkill Radio next Live Interview Show is tonight June 28, 2011, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm Pacific, at which time Terry O'Neill & Kari Simpson will be interviewing Derek Hoare who was featured on this GPS blog's June 25, ...
Kari Simpson and Terry O'Neill aired an excellent livetalk show last night, inviting Derek Hoare to tell the story of his daughter Ayn's recent brief disappearance, rescue by an integrated team of law enforcement ...
All of the funding Derek obtains would be cut off, a figure of $6000 according to the Abbotsford news story for his 9-year old child. This would be on top of normal government child benefits. ...

Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. If politicians and other want to really understand how the people see this cruel, twisted Ministry, they should just read the comments posted at the story has posted at:

    People get all up in arms about evil corporations and so on, but I defy anyone to find an entity that causes such heartache and suffering, does it with our tax dollars, and all the while pretends to be saint-like child protectors. When people really begin to understand what these child protection agencies have been getting away with (murder, and quite often, literally), there will be hell to pay.

    MCFD underestimates parents. Derek Hoare, just like the Baynes, will garner even more support as time goes by. And the disgust and distain that so many feel for MCFD is going to escalate. They should just give back Ayn (Derek's daughter) right now, but they are so arrogant they are going to have to be put throught the wringer first.

    If you write to a politician via email, and don't get a reply (which can happen), I suggest faxing them, and if you still don't get a reply, then send a letter and get a tracking number. You can apply - for free - for a Venture One card from Canada Post. This automatically upgrades your letters so that you get a tracking number / faster service, for the same price that people pay for regular service.

    If enough people complain, something will be done. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  2. The last time I checked, the Facebook page entitled "Help Bring little Autistic girl back to her daddy" had over 2800 members. Not bad in just a few days of it being implemented.

    This recent atrocity by MCFD appears to be evidence of them expanding their mandate to arbitrarily decide of a parent "can handle" all of their children.

    Imagine, the school sending in negative reports on your child, then having MCFD later scoop them up with the justification they don't conform to some undocumented standards of how a child should behave, think, or their level of academic achievement is below a standard in school. These types of removals are happening right now. It is a form of class discrimination.

    I am told the Representative of Children and Youth (RCY) was inundated with emails and letters from Derek's supporters to convince RCY to intervene, and they finally provided someone to ensure Ayn was getting the proper care.

    Although, I do think the objective of supporters was to have someone look at this case objectively and submit a recommendation the removal was unwarranted and unnecessary, and suggest the route by which services could be delivered under Derek's wing.

    A written letter of observation by RCY that concludes that additional supports would be beneficial to the child.

    MCFD should simply respond by delivering those services (at a fraction of the of MCFD providing home and shelter and overseeing said services) to the Father to use as he would know best.

    Instead, MCFD kicks him out as an unwanted middleman so they can justify in their budget the massive expenditure required to care for a special needs child after depriving her of her home. This is pure self interest.

    Imagine if police arrested people and they ownd the jails, and received funding on keeping prisoners housed. Governments worldwide have positioned child protection so that removals have to result in mandatory funding to keep them in care.

    On a more tangable level, social workers buy and operate hotels, apartment buildings, houses, and collect operating funds from the government to pay mortgages on their property investments. On a more difficult-to-track level, seemingly separated services such as for Derek's child Ayn, facility costs, psychiatrists and special care staff, foster care costs, other medically related services, legal costs would suggest MCFD would be motivated to keep this overhead low.

    It strikes me this is a simple case of massive violation of the child's human rights, charter rights, UN rights of the child, whatever you can put a label on this. There is clearly no injury or neglect present with a suspected culpable parent, so MCFD should not have the ability to arbitrarily remove children in this fashion.

  3. RoadKill Radio is on Youtube. Here is one of their videos showing yet another couple who have been the victim of an MCFD kidnapping. And there is no other way to describe what they are doing. Make sure you read the end of this video, to see what they did to these parents:

  4. Listen to the "Y" (Why) show:

    The difference between RoadKill Radio and this is there is no video, and speakers are anonymous. They talk about the problems with social services, how they retaliate against people.

    Any podcasts with a yellow diamond with a 'Y' on it indicates discussion about Ministry problems.


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