Friday, July 22, 2011


When the Ministry of Children and Family Development regional offices consistently fail to comply with some details of the Child, Family and Community Services Act that safeguard the rights of parents and caregivers, is that tantamount to insurgence? Shouldn’t citizens make a loud noise of protest?

When the MCFD appears eager to do what is right and to act in the best interests of the child, but in fact comes up short, and when the Ministry presents itself to the Legislature as scrupulous when in fact it repeatedly violates the Act, why should the province trust it?

I can’t believe that I am talking like this. Citizens need to break the chains of injustice. In this democratic country we cannot permit our government to be heedless of the damaging effects upon families for which one of our provincial agencies is responsible. The MCFD cannot continue to make its own rules under the guise that it is following the prescription of the law. Scrutinizing accountability must be reintroduced to this Ministry to circumvent the appropriation of fundamental rights and freedoms from its citizens.

I am not foolishly advocating the abolition of child welfare or child protection. I do not seek to discourage good people from service as social workers with altruistic impulse. I speak hopefully for an honourable Ministry, a rebuild so that needy, hungry, disadvantaged people have their needs satisfied; so that vulnerable and victimized children and adults receive protection and compassion; so that families receive resources, therapy, counsel, financial aid, mentoring, a listening ear. I desire that the MCFD will become a Restorer of Ideals and a Repairer of Families.


  1. Believing that government will solve our problems is a mistake. Because government is unaccountable, it can get away with murder. People forget that people will do things out of the goodness of their hearts - look at the response to the Baynes and to Derek Hoare, after all. Look at this blog, all done out of the goodness of Ron's heart, no compensation, no cushy pension promised. Expecting government to be the one with the heart is a mistake.

    If we do have to expect so much of government (e.g., that they will actually have our children's best interests at heart), then they should at the very least, be accountable. Especially when the harm they are doing is so great.

  2. No. They are full of themselves and exude righteous next to God in their own minds.


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