Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have just started watching & already my heart is moved...I'm a grandfather. Derek is a dad. Wow! she's a beautiful darling ... from infancy on into this young girl stage ... Ayn plays and laughs and smiles and sees life and lives it with affection. She has to come home

Thanks to Pat Niagara for the video
Artist: Bryan Adams

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  1. Ron; I have not written too much on your blog lately. Probably everything that can be said has already been said, over and over again. I find myself totally overwhelmed by the incredible insensitivity, ignorance, incompetence and plain stupidity of the ministry staff. I think all the intelligent people must leave within the first six months. From top to bottom of the organisation it is hard to get anyone capable of making a rational and relevant response to anything. I suppose morons promote morons to the senior ranks.
    I was contacted for help very recently who read my article on the myth of children's rights in British Columbia, placed on your blog and also in the Georgia Strait paper. I wrote them a fairly long advisory on procedure and so on. Some of it was also the material on how to use a lawyer, which you have featured. They got my email address from your blog. I decided to copy off my advisory stuff into a document. This will save me having to re-write it every time somebody contacts me. If you or any of your readers wants a copy for reference, I will send it on request. Cheers Ray.


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