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As told by her father Derek Hoare

Part Fourteen of Fifteen
November 10 & 13 and December 7, 2011
Derek was feeling terrible that his daughter could not be at home for her tenth birthday. He wrote from this background. Yet he planned to deliver evidences of his love for her. Some of his plans and those of his close friends are cited in this entry dated back then in December.

Ayn's 10th Birthday – December 14, 2011

Derek wrote, "I figured I would create a doc to summarize some of the things which we are working on for Ayn's birthday, perhaps it will help to facilitate others involvement.

1- Balloons: We will be releasing balloons and/or photographing balloons on her birthday from all over. If you would like to include yourself that would be awesome, all you'll need is a balloon and a sharpie marker, write your birthday wishes to her and snap a shot. Helium and release is optional :)

1b- I will be filling and blowing up several hundred balloons on the 13th hoping to have them all ready in time for her birthday, just how to get them to her I do not yet know... I will be discussing this with several people over the next few days to try to facilitate this as best I can. The options are: Amie visit, school, MCFD delivery, foster home.

2- Cards: I hope Ayn will receive many, many cards for her birthday, individual ones are great and Jean Nicol is arranging a large one with individual messages. So let her know if you would like your name and message added :) Here is the address to send the cards to:
Ayn van Dyk c/o MCFD
2828 Cruickshank St,
Abbotsford BC Canada
V2T 5M3

3- A Cake: I am hoping to find a place which can add a picture to the top of a cake to help lift Ayn's spirits a bit, and yet keep her family in the front of her mind. Mind-blowing that this can and is happening. Have yet to select a photo which is another decision to be made in the next couple of days.

4-Balloon and Birthday Wishes event: here we can share our photos from the day and I will try to comment on posts throughout the day, which will no doubt be a very shattering day emotionally.

I think that is all - if I have left anything out feel free to add it, and any other suggestions let us know :)"

Many thanks to Jean Nicol for this Collection of Derek's entries from Ayn's Facebook page 
Also downloadable in its entirety at this SendSpace site

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