Tuesday, February 14, 2012


  It's Valentine's Day
 Renée Allard is a friend and supporter of Amie Van Dyk, Derek Hoare and their daughter Ayn who has been in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development here in British Columbia since June 16, 2011.
Some time ago Renée put together a video collage of photos of Ayn and Amie from Ayn's infancy to her present age of ten. Little Ayn was not at home with her parents for her December 10th birthday.  The video was covered by the familiar tune and words of 'You Are My Sunshine,' and at once, any viewer can see why this small girl is the sunshine of her parents' lives and why the Ministry of Children's taking of her has broken their hearts.
She needs to be returned. She is autistic, not demonic. She is a family girl, not state property. Foster Parents in Ayn's case do not, cannot, will not take the place of Amie and Derek. This child exhibits her autism and always will. She does not require antipsychotics to control her behaviour. She needs her father's tender caress and gentle words. She needs her mother's cheek and soft hands. 
Stop this insane excuse for care Mary McNeil and MCFD! Do what is right! Give this child back to her parents. Do no wait for any further court orders or paperwork or mediation. Just do it!


  1. truely heart breaking

  2. cristina maria kassama bagFebruary 14, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    please never give up!! Ayn must return to home as soon as possible, she is drugged every single day, she needs support from her family, is painful to think this little girl is right now in wrong hands, stranger ppl never will have affection to her and they never will give all the treatment and therapies that is very important for the recovery of autism!!! my prayers and support for Ayn and family as well

  3. The foster home movie that was produced would have useful portions that further demonstrate Ayn's personality.

    The technique of still photos held for the camera, providing some motion is effective. Good job.

    In terms of communicating the message of MCFD holding Ayn, this needs to be communicated better visually in such videos.


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