Saturday, February 25, 2012


On June 30, 2011 I wrote a piece about Child Welfare in Canada, Abbotsford and then I included reference to a relatively new case, the Ayn Van Dyk case. 

At the time, Ayn had been gone from her daddy’s home for fourteen (14) days.

Now reader, let this sink in please. It has now been 254 days since Ayn was removed from her father Derek Hoare. Eight months have passed.

This ten year old autistic girl has been in hospital for examination but primarily in foster home care all of this time. She and her father have not seen each other for 254 days. That however is because of her father’s principled choice, a choice with which not all readers agree, and certainly one which the Ministry criticizes and retains as evidence of Derek’s lack of cooperation with its care plan. Ayn’s mom Amie Van Dyk has visited her daughter although those visitation rights have been curtailed or delayed at various times by the Ministry for reasons with which I disagree.

My article garnered an enormous response last June 30th with 27 comments attached now to that blog post. They are highly interesting comments.    

Well, if 254 days seems long, consider this, a court date has been set to hear this case in December 2012 and carrying over into January 2013. Tell me again, the axiomatic premise for child protection. “In the best interests of the child,’ did I hear you say?


  1. MCFD is the serpent. Ever seen how serpents mate? They increase in clusters. 'Child protection' is not getting better it's getting worse. When they take children the goal is to keep permanent care-PERIOD. MCFD want utter CONTROL. Vile, truly vile.

    Parents get so strung out due to the MCFD tactics as recorded everywhere most notably the PAPA website that who wouldn't do drastic, seemingly odd things? What parent wouldn't go LOCO when they are completely stonewalled, harassed, threatened, destroyed? What is the 'playbook' on a normal reaction when your government is destroying your child? What's normal? Can anyone give an answer?

    Those of us who have researched WWII know mothers used to go LOCO when the Nazis took their children....guess it's true, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF...

    If MCFD don't have a case, they will simply fabricate evidence to make themselves a case--they are unaccountable. MCFD know 'the courts' believe every false word they utter. And the children are pawns, plain and simple.

    The CFCSA/MCFD has NOTHING to do with what is best for children, or community, or families. The courts and those pulling a paycheck from the courts could simply care less what the system is doing to the's being ripped apart internally by BIG BOYS in FANCY SUITS. It's the BLIND leading the BLIND. Neighbours destroying neighbours so those in 'power' can control and get rich. Good Game. Sick game~it's the tactics of the serpent.

    What I find most curious about the above link is the 'comments' made by some Canadians who seem to see what is really taking place in this NANNY Nation. Those who worship the beast are slowly closing in to control ALL at ALL times. First the elderly, and children,...easiest to attack those who cannot speak for themselves first,...then it will be the rest of free society. That's why it's called BIG BROTHER, it's the "BROTHERHOOD".

    Those of us who understand the character and Word of Yahuveh know what is going on because our spirit speaks TRUTH. It is people with NO HOPE who have to destroy innocent children, the fabric and future of society who enjoy themselves and get rich while doing it.

    It's too bad their 'riches', 'power', and 'trickery' won't buy them a ticket out of hell. Psalm 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. And that's A PROMISE you can take to the bank!

    Let's understand why Yahshua said the road was NARROW that led to eternal life and FEW find it.


    The following links are extremely important to all parents who want to stop the drugging and labelling of society:

    Mental illness does not exist, it is a myth fabricated by secular society to control, drug, and steal children for profit. Junk science is psychology and psychiatry. IF those 'science of the mind' doctors have all the answers then why are all addictions and evils of every shape and form on the rise?

    Someone once said 'psychotherapy' was no different than witch~doctoring.


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