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I have just published two comments by the same person to my blog post that was written last July 29 2011 in celebration of the MCFD Ministry decision to return the four Bayne children to their parents, Zabeth and Paul. In that post I referenced Tim Amey, News Director for 895 The Hawk, Chilliwack's Newest Rock Station, who wrote several good pieces about the Baynes. Now seven months later, the only reason I returned to read them was because someone commented twice in the early morning hours today, to that now distant blog entry entitled ‘Tim Amey’s Chilliwack News Article’. The commenter had somehow stumbled on this online story and it triggered a personal response from personal experience that, if it is to be believed, has been an horrific morale-bending and heart-breaking life story.  So now the disjointed thoughts of this 2 o’clock critic appear at the end of the Amey piece.
Both comments which I have published are difficult to read because they are so poorly written, that is, rules of grammar are non existent and spelling mistakes proliferate. It could be that I just got the wool pulled over my face. Yet there is a recognizable story of personal pain inherent in the notes that convinces me to conclude that it’s authentic. It may be that the writer is strung out on something, or did not have the educational opportunity others have, or some other viable explanation. This was a sleepless person’s opportunity to vent. Too many people have not listened to this person before. I did not want to shut down yet another attempt by this early morning correspondent to be heard.

So in the first comment there is a claim of being disappointed, manipulated, even bullied by the judicial system.   

In the second comment the writer mentions Amey and 895 The Hawk, which as a public service announcement, must have issued an official amber alert that resulted in the removal of a child from this writer’s custody. 

Printing the man’s comments will not accomplish much for the writer. Too much time has passed. There appear to be too many obstacles in the way of a resolution that can restore this person’s happiness with family. A life that was experiencing trouble at various levels has been unalterably affected by the loss of a child to a system and a process for child welfare and protection. I am not by printing this, making a judgement on the suitability of this Ministry or judicial action because I know none of the facts, and I do not want to know any of them. Rather, I print it because I am moved in my spirit by the extent of human pain and misery within our own communities and there is a degree of helplessness that cripples us all, government agencies included.


  1. Well from personal experience I can completely believe this poor soul's plight...people have got to realize how truly EVIL the government of this country is. It is BABYLON to the power of a thousand and then some....

    Everything this person said is true because I've experienced it first hand myself...the media is fixed, corrupt gov't lawyers who are the TRUE CRIMINALS, legal aide is a raging joke, beyond vile judges who refuse to hear Canadian citizens, much less the TRUTH, fabricated evidence, unlawful arrests, absolutely ZERO adherence to the LAW, common sense or decency...the children are not protected they are destroyed by MCFD and this 'government'~~they are simply pawns for thousands of people to use and abuse all so they can cause WAR and say 'they needed to step in'...our "services" are required and the DIRECTORS sit behind a curtain like the WIZARD of OZ.

    The gov't aren't listening to Ray Ferris, or this blog writer because they truly could care less. The least of their concern is 'the children'. They've 'got theirs' so everyone else can go fly a kite...the whole game is to CCO the child/ren so again increase the budget 'cause' people don't know how to be parents to their own children....TRULY SICKENING...

    If MCFD takes your kids, if they don't have 'a case' against you they simply make one up, social workers are trained in the ART of lying, MCFD is pure bile but they somehow make it the parents fault, social workers will put words in your kids mouths, they will lie in police statements, they will use the lack of court time to their advantage, of course the judges only believe 'their own' and remember "it's a BROTHERHOOD". A secret society that only speaks its 'own' language...

    The exact same thing is happening worldwide, most notably in Germany...there they take children for no reason just like here and they shove the kids into witch-doctoring or better known as psychiatry...again looking to fabricate evidence cause those versed in 'junk science' can twist anything to make it what they want...they also want everyone on their DRUGS so they can control and defile. According to PSYCHOTHERAPY EVERYONE IS MENTALLY ILL (actually MENTAL ILLNESS IS A MYTH) so the need for their services is ENDLESS...GOOD GAME!!

    It's all about MONEY, POWER, CORRUPTION, GREED, EVIL, LIES, KILLING, STEALING, DESTROYING...pretty obvious THE BEAST and HIS SPAWN are raging as their time is shortening.

    Unfortunately those who SPEAK LIES aren't invited to the 'wedding supper of the Lamb'...NO, I'm afraid they are invited to a different party~~the PARTY of ETERNAL PUNISHMENT, weeping and gnashing of teeth, fire is not quenched and the worm does not die, without end in the lake of fire and brimstone in the BOTTOMLESS PIT...SO to all the souls who live HELL ON EARTH just know you/we get the last lauph...'cause the JOKE is on THOSE WHO ARE AND WHO DO EVIL...they know who they are....they certainly do!

  2. Take a look at what is happening in is identical to BC. It is called 'CHILD TRAFFICING', the 3rd largest INDUSTRY in the world...

    Now look at this information which is identical to the above site and confirms the true identity of those in 'the child protection industry':

    MANDATE of MCFD/CAS no longer ‘SECRET’:

    "In 1981 the Witches International Coven Council (Wicca) listed several goals at their convention. This list was intercepted and confiscated by law-enforcement officials. Among their objectives are:

    1. To bring about personal debts, causing discord and disharmony within families.

    2. To remove or educate the "new-age youth" by:
    a) infiltrating ‘boys and girls’ clubs and big sister and big brother programs
    b) infiltrating schools, having prayers removed, having teachers teach about drugs, sex, freedoms
    c) instigating and promoting rebellion against parents and all authority

    3. To have laws changed to benefit our ways, such as
    a) removing children from the home environment and placing them in our foster homes
    b) mandatory placement of children in our day-care centers
    c) open the drug and pornography market to everyone"

    This is why there is "A CRY IN THE NIGHT'...millions of them across Canada.

  3. I'm sick to my stomach for the writer of the two entries.

    Up in the middle of the night like so many others who are being attacked. What are we as a people going to do about what is happening to innocent children? When all the families are destroyed what does society have left?

    How did the 'people' manage to stay silent long enough for this country to get so far off course from what is just, from what is right, from what is moral?

    What does it take for this insanity to cease? Clearly letters to the 'powers that be' are not heeded~~99% are ignored actually.

    This site has some TRUE information about Canada's judiciary along with other important information site link makes me think of the young man seen on Fifth Estate about SBS that also featured the Baynes...another person innocent condemned guilty by 'junk science' and a fight that couldn't be won because the crown spent millions proving an innocent man guilty. It's not about TRUTH, it's about winning! The best liar wins.

    Civilized society? No I'm afraid not. In fact one of the Ten Instructions in THE TEACHING was not to tell lies about your neighbour. Another was not to covet what wasn't yours to begin with.

    You know what they say...first it's a snow ball, then an avalanche...I guess this is why people in other countries finally all stand up and go POSTAL, like in Egypt...they finally get tired enough of the corruption and stand up as a whole to stop the corrupt...perhaps it's time for Canadians to stop being so polite, so naive.

    If one of us hurts WE ALL HURT. (well those of us, the few who don't have hearts of stone anyway)

  4. This seems like a good idea to sign...

    All the points make sense. I wonder why only a handful of people have signed if millions of innocent children are being destroyed from "sea to shining sea"? Mind boggling really.

    I wonder what happened to the BC petitions crying out for change? I know there were a few floating is it that with social media today and the amount of information things are getting worse by the second?

    Is it desparate people doing desparate things? I think it's people with no conscience who don't realize that they really aren't getting away with anything at the end of the day. What is hidden in the dark will one day all be exposed.

  5. Ray Ferris has left a new comment on your post "A CRY IN THE NIGHT"

    ”There is no sinister plot. The senior echelons of the children's ministry do not have the brains or the competence to mount a plot. Unfortunately the end result is the same. No indeed dear readers; just look at the evidence. Why look for a canary when there are sparrows everywhere? Meaning---look at the obvious. We see ample evidence of stupidity and incompetence already, so why should we doubt that it is there.

    When you have a green and inexperienced staff being directed by dummies who think that filling in forms and obeying drills is good child protection, certain things happen. First the brightest and best get out as soon as they can. This leaves the dumbest and the weakest as the main body of employees. The workers do not trust their superiors and the superiors do not trust the workers, so they work in a constant state of panic that something will go wrong and they will get the blame.

    The guiding principle is fear and when people are afraid, they cannot make rational decisions. They see a bogeyman in every cupboard and the main goal is to cover one's butt. Social workers and directors don't lie---at least not if they think they will get caught. They do what lawyers and politicians do---they re-interpret the facts to show themselves in a better light. In popular parlance, they become masters of spin. We all use spin on occasion, but for most of us it is not central to our lifestyle.

    Ministry staff are lucky in that the long tradition of the judiciary is to support the establishment whenever possible, so the judges are going to give them a great deal of tolerance and the benefit of every doubt. After all don't we all feel sorry for those poor social workers who have such a difficult job to do in child protection? Damned if they do and damned of they don't etc. etc.

    A key social worker operating out of Hope and engaged with Paul and Zabeth Bayne said on one occasion that he was just a puppet and on another occasion that he was just obeying orders. Now does that sound like the language we should hear from a competent professional?

    No readers, not at all. It sounds more like something heard at the Nuremberg trials.
    Next time I will write about the best interests of children.”

    Posted on "A CRY IN THE NIGHT"

  6. Ron, I find the news story of the day oddly coincidental. Fortunately for this man it only took a few hours to resolve, but look at the astounding amount of stupidity displayed in both their reaction and later justification for their actions. At least the police apologized, notice that CAS did not and indeed would do it again. Note also that being a teacher doesn't mean you aren't stupid.


  7. All I can say after reading the news article, is HOLY COW! When will people in positions of authority learn not simply to react with their allowable force but to actually take the time to question, investigate, acquire evidence and then make a decision. This father was not brandishing a gun. He was a child's image on a sheet of paper. Whose imagination actually works overtime, the child's or the police and the educators' and the Child Protection group?


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