Monday, February 20, 2012

PARENT TESTIMONY - Tanya Marrhoubi Sadowsky

I met Tanya last summer during an extraordinary conference. She came from the USA to attend this first of what may become an annual event. The Conference was one called Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation. The Fifth Estate television crew showed up during the 2011 Conference to catch certain scenes and interviews for their show called Diagnosis Murder, aired on January 13, 2012.

It’s a 55 minute testimony in which she tells the deeply sad story of the death of her infant daughter and the horror that followed.

The Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference scheduled for 2012 will be held on August 3 and 4. 

Among the subjects being addressed by international experts this August will be:
  • evidence based medicine
  • medical differential diagnosis in cases of suspected child abuse,
  • establishing the standards and requirements for a medical expert’s defense witness,
  • legal challenges surrounding defending those innocent but accused of criminal acts relating to child abuse and the challenges of defense in family court related issues,
  • the standards of practice and guidelines for child protection investigations and process and,
  • the failure of the legal systems to protect the innocent.

Tanya's website in the name of her daughter is:


  1. It's horrifying how the parents are always blamed for a child's injuries or deaths and how they don't believe in accidents anymore!

  2. Tanya is an eloquent and personable speaker. I'm glad I was able to watch her in person.

    It is incredible the damage that is being done to citizens around the world all in the name of "shaken baby" syndrome, or non-accidental injury where doctors make a diagnosis that is still legally recognized, and then rubber-stamped by judges who jail and/or stigmatize parents.

    Tanya's website in the name of her daughter is:

  3. Pogue, thanks for writing and Papa thanks for the link which I have now posted on the main body of the blog post.

  4. I need to add another cause for brain injury in infants which is always misdiagnosed and leads to people being wrongfully convicted. Vaccines cause brainbleeding and brain hemmorhaging. Doctors are unable and unwilling to recognize this and are quick to judge and diagnose it as SBS. Law Enforcement is relying on the doctors to sort it out and tell the truth but even doctors lie. My family has personally experienced that. I will tell all of you right now: always, always ask how long ago an infant was vaccinated. If an infant was vaccinated within 10 to 15 days prior to being admitted to the hospital, I will guarantee you that the vaccines were the cause in over 90% of the cases. I acknowledge that there is child abuse and real child abusers need to go to jail, but what good does it do to convict an innocent person. Your efforts in law enforcement are only worth while, if you catch the guilty. What good does it serve when you convict an innocent person? Please learn to think outside of the box, stop assuming, look beneath the surface and stop judging! I can tell you that NOTHING is what it seems once you look beneath.

  5. Thank you Anon Nov 3 11:15 AM
    Your comment was thoughtful. The Vaccine associated causes are not unknown to many in this advocacy army. You are correct that medical practitioners are slow to acknowledge the possibility because the vaccine industry is huge, a legitimate push to protect children from diseases is commendable, but blind eyes to mounting clinical evidence will not be excusable for long.


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