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An advocate named Papa InBC speaks out for children and parents whose lives have been turned upside down and inside out by the Ministry of Children in British Columbia for reasons this advocate believes are unjust. Papa InBC has replied to yesterday's blog post which I published and which was written by Ray Ferris. Papa has both a website and a Facebook page.

Here is is Papa's response.

Papa Inbc writes: I'm told Alberta respects child-in-care timelines more than B.C., and that the wait for trial is not excluded from the point a protection hearing grants interim custody based on evidence and testimony.

This would appear to indicate that what MCFD in B.C. is doing is unconstitutional for both parents and children affected, which flies in the face of what is in the best interest of children.

In support of Ray's suggestion, I suggest a class-action lawsuit be initiated on two points, first, non-emergency no-warrant removal, and second, "interim" custody that exceeds the time lines in the current CFCSA Act.

In order that this venture would succeed, this would require legal research from North American and U.K. databases to locate similar lawsuits that support the case.

Interveners would have to be located to join in on the matter because the government would smell in an instant the danger to their ecosystem and would spare no expense to fight. Examples of Interveners would be Parents' Rights groups and civil liberties associations.

Ray is absolutely right on all accounts. The task is to identify other people and agencies who are saying the same thing so he is not a lone voice in the wilderness, or worse, marked as a malcontent or the nail sticking out of the floorboards needing to be pounded down flat.

The child protection argument really is an example of the emperor wearing no clothes. Onlookers admire the finery of said non-existent attire while suppressing their true observations for fear of peer ridicule or other consequences.
Social workers, have been appointed as the anointed ones, vaunted protectors of helpless children who are neglected and abused by their parents. It is a rare and valuable circumstance when a social worker speaks the truth about their institution and offers high-level advice on correcting the problem.
Now, how do we turn these fine suggestions into action?

PAPA is a civilian run non-profit organization formed under the Society Act in July 2007 in British Columbia, Canada. Exclusively funded by free will donors, PAPA is not affiliated with any ethnic community, religious group or political party. PAPA has no connection with any government or Crown corporation. PAPA serves distressed parents with children removed. 

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  1. The BC government is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE posing as 'the government'.... I have 3 WORDS for this blog writer, Ray Ferris and Doug Christie,..


    It's time, as a matter of fact it's way past time...I know of which I speak as I've been caught in this MCFD cesspool for 3 years. 2 months after the child was kidnapped I was repeatedly told "I'm never getting the child returned", and that "it didn't matter what kind of lawyer I had, I would still never be getting my child back" the child being very well behaved, and beautiful was forced into adoption last Oct with judiciary consent while the Jutland MCFD criminals and its lawyers lauph all the way to the bank...

    You know what else? Santa, the Tooth Fairy and MENTAL ILLNESS, PSYCHOLOGY, PSYCHIATRY all have the same thing in COMMOM--THEY ARE ALL A MYTH!! It's all BULL!

    MCFD IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE run by the BC gov't...all to destroy, dehumanize, terrorize, abuse innocent children and their families--GOOD JOB IF YOU CAN GET IT!!....

    Guess that's why BC can't pay teachers properly--they are too busy wasting millions on MCFD lawyers and MCFD offices--no matter how you slice it, it's pure EVIL! Jesus calls them the GOATS!--eternity is eternity and NO ONE GETS OUT OF ETERNITY...

    MCFD is insane! MCFD lawyers are insane! The BC gov't is insane, deaf, dumb and blind! Someone has to shut this EVIL down and I mean NOW!

    Seriously a GOD fearing law firm and Godly lawyer would have thousands of NAMES to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against MCFD because that's the only thing a criminal gov't enterprise understands; that's loss of MONEY!!

  2. Better court timelines but with a terrible track record keeping children in care alive. I'd rather wait to get my child back alive than a coffin.


  3. I am really glad you are still doing this blog. I have had my children returned and my file closed, but I still have contact with people in the system. I found this blog a great comfort when I had lost my kids and I was fighting the system.

    1. Thank you Anon Mar 13 9:19 AM
      I am glad that your life has experienced the salvation we hope for when family is ripped apart and knowing that my words may have been encouragement through some of the dark time is gratifying, Thanks.

  4. Child welfare here in Alberta is no better, this particular system has ruined alot of young lives as well. There is a class action lawsuit against Alberta child welfare as well and we are encouraging anyone who has been involved in the alberta child welfare system to come forward and join this class action lawsuit of you feel your rights were violated. Robert Lee of the Strathcona Law office here in Edmonton is one of the lawyers involved with this case.

  5. There is a class action law suit in progress dealing with Surrey B.C. and lower mainland. I am currently working with a number of parents over 20 and we need more because we will drown MCFD in court they are aware of this class action and there are many others come to surface because parents have had enough contact Lisa Arlin at Face book MCFD JUSTICE IS COMING YOU CAN EXPECT US GET YOUR DIRTY CLAWS OFF OUR KIDS!


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