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Ray Ferris has left a new comment on my post "A CRY IN THE NIGHT." Here is what he wrote.
Masters of Spin - it is central to life for ...
"There is no sinister plot. The senior echelons of the children's ministry do not have the brains or the competence to mount a plot. Unfortunately the end result is the same. No indeed dear readers; just look at the evidence. Why look for a canary when there are sparrows everywhere? Meaning---look at the obvious. We see ample evidence of stupidity and incompetence already, so why should we doubt that it is there.
When you have a green and inexperienced staff being directed by dummies who think that filling in forms and obeying drills is good child protection, certain things happen. First the brightest and best get out as soon as they can. This leaves the dumbest and the weakest as the main body of employees. The workers do not trust their superiors and the superiors do not trust the workers, so they work in a constant state of panic that something will go wrong and they will get the blame.

The guiding principle is fear and when people are afraid. They cannot make rational decisions. They see a bogeyman in every cupboard and the main goal is to cover one's butt. Social workers and directors don't lie---at least not if they think they will get caught. They do what lawyers and politicians do---they re-interpret the facts to show themselves in a better light. In popular parlance, they become masters of spin. We all use spin on occasion, but for most of us it is not central to our lifestyle.

Ministry staff are lucky in that the long tradition of the judiciary is to support the establishment whenever possible, so the judges are going to give them a great deal of tolerance and the benefit of every doubt. After all don't we all feel sorry for those poor social workers who have such a difficult job to do in child protection? Damned if they do and damned of they don't etc. etc.

A key social worker operating out of Hope and engaged with Paul and Zabeth Bayne said on one occasion that he was just a puppet and on another occasion that he was just obeying orders. Now does that sound like the language we should hear from a competent professional?

No readers, not at all. It sounds more like something heard at the Nuremberg trials.
Next time I will write about the best interests of children.”

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  1. I think there IS a sinister plot, a hidden agenda; I am convinced they steal kids so they can sell them into adoption.This is big business and makes lots of money!Why else would be they be so zealous about stealing innocent kids from good families?

  2. The obvious problem with using loaded words such as stupidity and incompetance and using generalization is the same as using the term shaken baby syndrome (SBS) or non-accidental injury (NAI) is that guilt is predetermined simply because a few requisite criteria have been met (as determined by the individual making the diagnosis).

    Parents have an uphill battle when this tactic is used against them because guilt is assumed and any defensive response to avoid the consequences is expected.

    Conversely, when an organization and unnamed individuals are similarly accused, the assumption the accusor has an axe to grind, because these individuals have no "motive" to be stupid or incompetant or malicious in the execution of their job.

    Until you cite actual stories that are properly researched and a high level of journalistic integrity is demonstrated and shows that individual incompetance really is the result of a cancer within an organization, any derogatory commentary without supporting facts has the risk of underminig the believability of those that choose to run it.

    I know Ray Ferris is right, because I have experienced and witnessed these issues. He forgot to use such words as lazy, opportunistic, social workers imbuing themselves with a high level of self-importance, manipulative, unprincipled, unaccountable, cowardly, vengeful.

    In short, Ray's comments barely begin to scratch the surface of such an agency responsible for such incredible damage to families and citizens they purport to serve.


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