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A Family shot during this past year
Josiah at 7 mo laughing
The Baynes are still rejoicing. All four children have been returned into the arms of Zabeth and Paul. Tomorrow I will celebrate this joyful event with them at a large party. Tomorrow I will close out this GPS campaign for the Baynes with my final posting. 

Today I am commenting on Ayn and her daddy Derek Hoare.

A young Ayn with Daddy
Derek Hoare expresses himself. Have you already noticed? He has a Facebook Page called ‘Help Bring little Autistic girl back to her daddy.’ Thousands of people are members and many of them write comments each day. His lead observations or his responses to others comprise the reading material. It is a busy page. I was going to say that MCFD would like parents like Derek to roll over and be quiet, but almost certainly MCFD don’t care about Derek. But MCFD should care. He has already appeared on more television and radio interviews and online and hard copy news articles than any previous parent whose child has been taken for questionable reasons. And it has only been 45 days or so since Ayn was removed from his care.

This is what he said yesterday, "Just got off the phone with MCFD, Ayn is sobbing to see me, she has been carrying around my picture, and is crying about wanting to see me. So saddening."
In this particular instance, the exposure of Derek's and Ayn's treatment by MCFD is only going to become broader, strident and more frequent. MCFD have unadvisedly controlled Derek’s daughter Ayn by administering chemicals into her body. They cannot similarly dumb down Derek and his family and the multitude of his daughter’s supporters. The autism that compelled Ayn to behave as she did is a condition shared by thousands of other children whose parents are outraged by what they know is an assault upon the natural rights and freedoms children and families. It is intrusive, meddlesome, pushy and odious.

The Bayne saga is hopefully over. As I wind this blog down for personal reasons, this will also be my last post in support of the return of little Ayn to her daddy. I do want you to listen to some of Derek’s thoughts. He doesn’t mind me extracting them from the strings of interactions on the FB page.The first paragraph is his heart-breaking rationale for deciding not to see Ayn even if he was given an opportunity.
I would love to see Ayn, and i'm sure she would love to see me. But Ayn would never for one moment believe I would leave her in a situation where she believes she is being victimized. The permanent damage which would result would be both irreversible and far reaching. Imagine the effect it would have on your child if you walked up to them being victimized in a field, they looked at you and asked for your help, asked you to bring them home; and you walked away and left them in that position. The sense of betrayal and hopelessness would be terrible. And Ayn is an autistic child she would not at all understand. Right now she thinks I am going to come and save her, and she's right I will. She needs to never lose that hope and to one day see it realized. I will get her home, and will not victimize her in the manner which they suggest. They can try to use my stance against me if they wish, but I will not be intimidated into hurting my daughter. I am doing this because it is what is best for her under the circumstances. If i thought i wasn't going to get her back I would see her every second they would allow. They should never have removed her, and shouldn't be taking this long to discern that they need to return her. They have made a huge mistake and need to right it immediately, and stop putting my daughter through this. As per their response to my stance, they say they understand, but that they believe the benefits of visitation outweigh the detriments.
Ayn this week Aug 25 2011
The Presentation Hearing for the MCFD case to hold Ayn in Ministry Care is scheduled for September 1. Derek writes, “but this is only the presentation hearing, in effect this is the completion of that first hearing we had back on June 21. At presentation we are not able to dispute any of the ministry evidence, and it is largely meant to provide this. After this hearing is when the clock starts ticking on the protection hearing. 45 days after presentation, the ministry must declare whether it is seeking protection and of what sort. Very, very scary, that they can simply remove your child and it is many months before a parent can challenge such an act before an unbiased party. I had no idea it worked this way; I cannot imagine how many innocent families have needlessly suffered. And in my case my little disabled girl has been treated as a psych patient, immediately being locked up in a psychiatric ward and drugged. It was not until around day 45 that they even had their autism expert look at Ayn’s file. Thankfully she recognized the error in placing her into a psych facility and has recommended against it.”

“The very concept of drugging someone to sap their will to resist you seems very abhorrent to me. Ayn was good in the home; Ayn does not need to be drugged in order for you to positively interact with her. To do this to another person under the guise that it is in their best interest is frightening to say the least. These drugs will not make her autism go away, they may make her more pliable, more indoctrinable ("to teach systematically to accept doctrines, esp. uncritically"). But why would we want people who believed it was acceptable to drug children until they are more indoctrinable, indoctrinating our kids in the first place! Drug induced lethargy is NOT the way to address autistic kids. How can that be considered the best way to teach them how to properly interact?!? If you don't like how someone is behaving... drug them, what kind of message is this sending?”

“Any semblance of parental rights we had have been incrementally degraded into oblivion. What we now have is parental permissions, we need to stand up and point out to the government that we HAVE rights, we do not get them from the government, we have them. They can protect or violate them... they do not give them or take them. The political principles on this are well defined; governments are simply ignoring the very basis on which they were founded.”

“We are not the chattel of the government!”

“The affidavit (MCFD) I have before me portrays my family as one always in crisis, where the parents are in the midst of a breakup and then the single father carries on alone. I am portrayed as a person they sympathize with and someone enduring a significant struggle, yet as someone who does not want their help and is not cooperating and refusing supports for my kids. Wyatt is portrayed as a "gifted" boy, who is home schooled and roams about the neighbourhood unsupervised though well behaved; he is clean and healthy. Lyric is portrayed as severely delayed and always seeking to escape and be naked, that he is wearing clothes which are too small and is dirty or smelly, but passive. Ayn is portrayed as a violent and self injurious child who puts her head through windows at schools and tries to escape at home, frequently tantruming and seeking to be naked but otherwise healthy, clean and well dressed. Then after moving to Abbotsford and prior to removal, Ayn was rapidly deteriorating in the school; she was becoming aggressive with greater severity and frequency. At this time I am portrayed as someone who is blaming the school for the behaviour and claiming she is well behaved at home. All the while either unconcerned or arguing against their recommendations, and who is slow to seek medical attention. At the very end they sexualize it, by adding in Ayn's masturbatory habits as if it just arose and are very concerning. They Attach only 1 supporting document and it oddly does not really support what they are saying; it portrays me as "very intelligent", "affectionate with his children", "speaks to his children in a respectful tone", "not heard him complain about amount of work", "able to maintain a sense of calm and humour in the midst of the chaotic behaviour of his autistic children, often talks about how much he loves and cares for his children", "very articulate and talks about his world views", "outside the school he was crying and telling **{the teacher/principal} that he was upset because no one seems willing to help his little girl" (Apr 29 '11).”

“I cannot believe this is happening. Their portrayals of my family are negatively biased and incomplete, and demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge of my family, of autism and of our civil liberties.”
Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. Why isn't this atrocity front page news? It really shows you how the media is part of the problem, rather than helping to protect our civil liberties.

  2. The law says a lot of things that are ignored by the ministry director, their counsel and the judges. For instance a presentation hearing is summary and must be completed as quickly as possible. To adjourn a presentation hearing for three months is a blatant abuse of the law. The intention of the act is to get the ministry to state its case within seven days and to have a protection hearing within 45 days, so that parents can demand to test the evidence. This never happens, unless the parents do not want their children. The hearing them becomes a mere formality.
    Derek Hoare will not get a hearing within 45 days--guaranteed. Nor will he get ten days written notice, stating the intention of the director. This will only happen if the director decides to back off and return Ayn. As soon as the court hears that the case is contested, it will be adjourned indefinitely. The first adjournment will be to fix a date to fix a date. That can take a month or two. Then there will be discussion about how many witnesses will be called and how many court days are needed. The director will probably stack the court with as many irelevant witnesses as possible and it will be decided that several hearing days will be required. The lawyers will have to co-ordinate their diaries with the court calendar. It may be a year before the sequential days can be found. If everyone agrees it can be taken a day or two here and there.
    There will be no evidence on interim custody allowed and the judge will rubber stamp whatever the director wants.The deputy minister will not overrule him and neither will the new provinicial director.
    You think I exaggerate? All this and more has happened in the Bayne case and many others.
    In May 2009, the Baynes tried to apply to the court to ask for extended access. Crabtree was tied up and Judge Maltby presided. She would not allow Zabeth to speak and said "You are trying to turn this into a trial. You have your trial set for next March. Be happy with that." Be happy with that!! The children had already been in care for 19 months and they were only allowed to see them for four hours a week. 2X2 hours. You must wait another 10 months to say anything to the court. You must wait for two years and three months before you can hold anyone accountable. Be happy with that!!
    Best interests of the children? Don't make me laugh.

  3. How long is the Bayne's supervisory period? I hope you will post when it comes to an end.

  4. RE: Ray Ferris' posting at August 26, 2011 2:02 PM:

    Once again, I am sickened to read about judges that have no regard for the suffering they put parents and children through. That a judge could say such a thing to a mother (be happy with that). These judges are behave as if they are inhuman. I wonder if Judge Maltby has children, and if she does, how she would feel if she were put in the same position as Zabeth was. Would she, when admonished by a judge, just do as th judge bid, and be happy?

  5. In 2007, we the taxpayers, paid this judge - C. Gail Maltby, the one who told Zabeth she should "be happy" - $201,497.00. This is an outrage. Our money is being used to destroy good people such as Zabeth Bayne and her family. This is an outrage.

  6. Dear Ron,
    I was traumatized by MCFD starting in November of 2009 shortly after I was blissfully happy with my newborn baby and my 5 other children. I looked everywhere for help and I saw no one who knew what to do. I went from lawyer to lawyer. No one who could fight MCFD. I found your blog and I learned so much and I felt that if such great parents as Paul and Zabeth could be troubled in this way, then it is something wrong with the system. I did get my baby back and my file closed on August 2, 2011. I hope you still keep this up so I can at least read it over before you retire it. I want to reread the entire blog. It has been so helpful.



  7. Yes, please keep this blog open, even if commenting is closed. There is so much useful info here.


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