Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Josiah in the Month of June
Recently Josiah had an overnight with Paul and Zabeth. The following afternoon I saw him sleeping against his mommy in a soft front baby carrier. He has grown. He has received good foster care for the past five months since he was born and since he was removed from his mom. Today he begins overnighting at Paul's and Zabeth's place forever - it's his place too. 

Since early July Paul and Zabeth have known that their children would be returned to them. In a cordial meeting attended by their lawyer Robert Hamilton, MCFD legal counsel Dean Tate and case worker Matthew Walker as well as new director Sheila Zeiner, they were informed of this news. Since the social worker requested that the Baynes should not make these details known prior to July 23, the date upon which the parents would be allowed to inform their children that they are scheduled to come home, I complied with that request.

Prior to the meeting their counsel was able to disclose to them the content of Dr. Conrad Bowden's thorough Parental Capacity Assessment. In brief he found that neither Paul nor Zabeth fit a profile for a child abusive parent. He found them capable of caring for their children and having the stamina, energy, knowledge, skills and commitment to effectively care for their children. Dr. Bowden's report then advised on the appropriate process whereby the reintegration of the children to the Bayne household could be affected and this was part of the discussion at the meeting.

There was a clear sense conveyed in an apologetic manner by the Ministry lawyer on this occasion that MCFD understood how difficult this ordeal has been for the Baynes. They were also informed that there were no further requirements of the Baynes upon which the return of all four children was contingent. They took the time to discuss the plan and process by which the return would happen. From that meeting there was no further supervision required for visits with the children and Paul and Zabeth could take the children anywhere and visit anyone whom they chose. They have been able to choose the school for the autumn term which the children will attend. The boys have been measured for school uniforms and believe it or not, they were quite excited about this.  Josiah has stayed overnight as have the three older children. All of these are stems to acclimatize the family to what will be taking place.
  • According to the two month schedule, today, Josiah will be returned permanently to the Baynes.
  • On August 3rd on Bethany's birthday, the three older children will join the party for three hours.
  • August 4th is the date upon which Josiah's custody will be legally transferred to the Baynes.
  • From August 6-9 the three older children will be staying with Paul and Zabeth.
  • Then again from August 11-15th, these three older children stay overnight.
  • Another phase of reintegration occurs August 18-22 as the three oldest stay overnight once more.
  • Finally on August 25th, 2011 all four children will be effectively and permanently returned to Paul and Zabeth and it will be filed in court that day.
So today is a milestone, a marker. There is still some distance to travel. Continue your moral support of the Baynes. It has already been a very long road.

PS. Lawyer Robert Hamilton has been attending to some aspects of the case following the yeoman's efforts by Doug Christie. The Baynes will forever be grateful to Mr. Christie.


  1. This is indeed a red letter day for the Bayne family. So long in coming. Congratulations on this bitter-sweet victory.
    I would imagine there are many, many employees of the children's ministry who have read this blog and they have been as horrified as anyone at how this family has been abused. Any decent person would be and I am sure that there are many decent people working for the ministry. Too bad that they never seem to get into the ranks of management. I expect that it is likely that social worker Matthew Walker and his supervisor have been appalled at what has happened to the Baynes, but woe betide them if they step out of line. Big Brother Bruce is always watching.
    Ron, thank you for remembering to acknowledge the foster parents who have looked after Josiah so well. Josiah is returning home just before he is six months old. According to the experts it is at the age of six months that infants start to bond with one particular caregiver. Moving them after that time can be emotionally damaging. Josiah has just escaped the fate of his siblings. Too bad these considerations never seem to have bothered McNeill or his ally Judge Crabtree. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

  2. Thank God, and thank goodness. What an ordeal, and what remarkable people the Baynes are for enduring and for overcoming such adversity.

  3. I've had to deal with Matt Walker and Sheila Zeiner, don't give them too much credit, Ray Ferris. Sheila and our current social worker jumped my wife with a Supervision order right out of the blue (claiming that we weren't meeting their continually changing requirements). They won't clearly state their child protection concerns and continue to make nebulous accusations of "neglect". I'm sure it's just a ploy to try to get our other three children (who are still with us).


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