Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have come to the end of the chronicle. I began writing GPS Blog Posts concerning the Baynes two years ago. I coupled that with a Facebook page that I started entitled The Bayne Campaign for Justice. Now after publishing over 600 GPS child protection related entries, I am bringing it to a close. I could continue telling joy-filled Bayne Family details in the months to come but Paul and Zabeth and their children warrant privacy now. The children are not spectacles. Their lives now must center on opportunity rather than history. I also realize that there are innumerable additional cases for which I could write advocacy notes. So I will simply say that for personal reasons I need to conclude this episode of my online journalism.

My initial GPS posts disclose my shock upon learning that two friends had already been living a nightmare for two years. All three Bayne children were in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). I entitled that first post Paul and Zabeth Bayne – Part One - An Alarming Case of BC Government’s Miscarriage of Justice.’

From then until today’s Part 607, I have recounted the entire saga of the Bayne struggle with a Ministry committed to protect children at risk. I didn’t foresee writing daily for two years, investing quite as much emotion, witnessing so strong a network of supporters, watching GPS readership increase to almost 310,000 visits to the blog. That’s good for a local story.

This has been an educational journey for me. I was compelled to read volumes of information, medical, judicial and assorted family stories. I discovered that concern exist in all civilized countries over the enormous authority possessed by Child Protection (CPS). I learned that there are social workers who mean well and do well. I have discerned that social work is necessary, difficult, and sometimes thankless. I have been appreciative of foster parents committed to loving care of children who are not their own but require a provisional home. I have been absolutely dismayed with people who deal dispassionately and discourteously with parents. I have enjoyed new friendships that have begun during this campaign and I have met good, good people who run on humanitarian fuel. I have admired the dedication of Paul and Zabeth to recover their family while conducting themselves with dignity.

I am thrilled with the conclusion for the Baynes. This afternoon I will join scores of other friends as we celebrate with the Bayne Six, this successful survival. I do trust that MCFD will never revisit the Bayne file to encumber the health of this family. I resolutely believe that child protection can be done more compassionately and collaboratively in British Columbia and that MCFD training and practice requires revision.

Thank you for joining me so often along the way and for your advice, counsel and comments. I will keep the comments option open for a few days. Good bye for now.

The afternoon celebration is marked here by Zabeth’s and Paul’s invitation.
Today 1:00pm at 15030 66 A Avenue
We want to extend an invitation to all those who have been praying and supporting us for the return of our children, Kent, Baden, Bethany and Josiah to a celebration party scheduled for Saturday Aug 27 starting at 1:00. Josiah was returned on Aug 2 and our older children are to return on Aug 25. Bible Fellowship Church has opened its doors to us as a host for this special time. We do ask that everyone who can will please bring a food or beverage item. Thanks to all of you for your support and your prayers and we hope that you will join us for this joyous time.
 4:00 PM Addendum: I have just returned from the afternoon party. A great many people were in attendance to see the children and to watch them with Paul and Zabeth, What a wonderful sight. Happy, happy day for the Baynes and many more of us.


  1. Ron, I would like to thank you for your ongoing efforts through this struggle. What you have shared opens the eyes of all that read and makes us aware of the issues in our provinces. I hope that we never have to experience the shortcomings of a government that takes it's own course over the lives of the individuals that it is suppose to protect.

  2. Thank you God for seeing Paul, Zabeth and their children through, one day at a time, over this past (almost) 4 years! I know that they daily counted on you God for their strength, sanity, peace and protection. I pray now that you would enable and empower this family to begin a new Journey that will be filled with your Blessings. Thank you God for new Beginnings! Amen

    Thank you Ron for being the Bayne's are truly an amazing man! And to your wife, Christine, who I know is your #1 supporter, thank you both SO much! I know you are both a huge reason as to why the Bayne's could carry on. God Bless you both in every way!

    Sincerely, MaryEllen

  3. Ron; As you can see I am up early, so that I can catch the boat to get to that Bayne celebration.
    If this is your last blog, then this must be my last contribution. As a fellow writer, I know the effort it takes to write something useful now and then. You have had your nose to the grindstone almost every day for 607 days. I can fully understand that you want to get back to living a normal life. Those 607 days that you have dedicated to the service of others have sparked a fire in many hearts. You have done your share. This blog has had great value for many people. I think it is now up to someone else to step in and carry on the work. Yours will be big shoes to fill, but there must be someone out there who is up to the task.Perhaps readers can help by listing any other child welfare websites that are around? This could be their last contributions.
    I look forward to thanking you in person later on today for the tremendous help you have given to the Baynes and others. I am proud to call you my friend and it has been a great experience being a member of "the Bayne Team." I wish you all the best for the future. Ray Ferris

  4. Thank you Ron, for your investment of time, emotion and energy, to raise awareness and to advocate for the Bayne family.

  5. Thank you, Ron!

    I understand that there will be no more comments posted after today, but will this blog be kept open, so that future readers can access the wealth of information?

  6. So does this mean no more blog entries at all or no more concerning the Bayne family?
    Does this also mean that now the family is reunited that Child Welfare has closed their file for good and they are truly free now, or will they still be supervising them?

  7. Thank you for asking. The blog will continue to be accessible but no future blog posts will be entered.

  8. God knew the beginning to the end of this trauma and reigns victorious.
    May He bless you in abundance Ron for your love, compassion and faithfulness with this blog.

  9. Thank you for your time and energy in keeping this blog up to date for the Baynes! I heard you preach in a sermon a few years back regarding the Baynes and have been praying for them ever since. We are rejoicing with them as they have reunited with their whole family!!! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness through this whole journey. God Bless

  10. Sooo happy to know the Bayne children are back with their parents, even now as I write! Thank you Ron, Ray, and so many others for your incredibly hard work and perseverance on behalf of the Bayne family. They are blessed, as are we, for the hope your advocacy brought. Bless you as you move into a new season, Ron.

  11. This gives real meaning to what is otherwise a cliche; "today is the first day of the rest of your lives." Even though I have never met the Bayne family, I think of them as friends. May God bless you abundantly!


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