Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Lawyer Doug Christie not only became the legal counsel for Zabeth and Paul Bayne in 2010. He became a friend. He  has cancer.

In this four minute video, Free Speech Lawyer Douglas Christie speaks about the value of others and the interconnectedness of friends as he faces his diagnosis of prostate cancer. A frank assessment of the spiritual consequences of a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

When I learned in 2009 that my friends Zabeth and Paul whose marriage I officiated years before were experiencing a horror I could not even imagine, they had already been without their children for two years. I began to write this blog with a post each day, seven days each week. Occasional journalists both in print and visual media picked up their story with sympathy from time to time. Their cause appeared bleak. Then I learned that Lawyer Doug Christie had elected to become involved for them. That is how I met him and learned to respect and admire the man. Throughout 2010 Doug worked with the Baynes through the tedious months of a court hearing in which the director expressed his desire on behalf of the Ministry of Children to take the Baynes three children away permanently. The more that Doug learned about this case the more passionate he became and the more incensed he became at the injustice of the allegation and treatment of this couple and their children.

We are three days away from the Bayne Family Restoration. They have waited so long through the broken and the heavy hearts. They have worked very hard to prove themselves worthy of this confidence of returning the children to them. They have behaved respectably. They have maintained gainful employment amid the most trying management of available hours, working as night custodians in order to be available for day-time visitation with children which they never once missed. In the process the custodial business has become their own. They will provide for their children. It will be a fresh beginning. Doug Christie deserves so much thanks for adopting the Baynes' cause when they could not afford him. It made no difference. He is a deeply principled man and an excellent lawyer and a man with a very large heart.

Now he is himself experiencing a challenge - a threat to his health. 


  1. Doug You are an incredible man who has given tirelessly, to say the least to the entire Bayne family! They couldn't have done this without you Doug! You ROCK!

    I hope you know what a true Blessing you have been to them. God Bless YOU!

    I am saddened to hear of this diagnosis that you have will be in my prayers and I mean that with all my heart! As you are in capable hands of the doctors, I hope you know that more importantly, you are in God's hands. I pray that God will bring you peace and strength as you fight this thing...and we all know that you can Fight!

    I love you for what you have done for this family!

    Love MaryEllen Kragh

  2. Doug Christie is truly a great man. He has fought hard for justice his entire career, and it sounds like it has been a real battle all the way. He has been misunderstood and misrepresented in the media, and, for the most part, has not received the appreciation he deserves. So it is good to see today's posting honouring him. Thank you, Ron.

  3. It is my hope the public support that has contributed to reuniting the Baynes family can also help Doug Christie. Having talked to Doug personally, I echo the admiration others have expressed for his passionate view on life, doing what is right, his accomplishments, legal talents and his tireless committment to those he has chosen to serve.

    Get well soon, Doug.

    *** Rory ***

  4. my name is fred poirier i know m.Christie from him stop at my house in Port Mcnill because he saw my sign by the road on his way to Port Alice he was thinking about helping again that was my web site if M Christie was not in this bad situation i would be asking for help because those voltures took my 2 kids that he shook hand whit they violate our rite as much as they want they above our laws from my heart get well hope we meet again fred


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