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I will not presume to speak for Derek Hoare. A reliable account of his thoughts and opinions are featured in his own words in an ongoing string of remarks on a Facebook group page called ‘Help Bring Little Autistic Girl Back to her Daddy.’ Perhaps you have already found it. If not you should. I will place some of the quoted text here as samplers.

Ayn, in care and drugged, vacant look
First, let me introduce you once more. Ayn is nine years old. Two months ago she was removed from Derek’s custody and care by the Ministry of Children (MCFD). MCFD social workers unsuccessfully consulted with Derek and also asked him to sign a voluntary release document which he refused in an understandably emotional dispute. They left his house, went to the school where she was enrolled, and they apprehended her. Since then he has not seen her once. He will have to answer whether this option has been presented to him. I know that he has said he would decline this because he either knows how damaging it could be to Ayn when he must say goodbye, or perhaps Derek himself could not bear the pain.

His wife Amie however, visited Ayn last week. Derek and Amie are in communication about all things pertaining to their daughter. Amie's was an eye-opening visit. The vibrant and dancing eyes of an energetic girl have been dulled by the administration of drugs that subdue her raucous and sometimes aggressive conduct. MCFD’s reasons for removal of this child will present a justifiable case to be sure. The gaze of the average observer, admittedly biased by sympathy for both Ayn and Derek, concludes the action was unnecessary. Derek parents three children, the youngest two of whom are autistic. He knows a good deal about autism. He is intelligent and articulate. Only Ayn, the youngest, was removed. She came to the attention of RCMP when Derek one day was compelled by concern for Ayn to call for assistance to find Ayn because she was missing from the fenced family back yard. She was found four hours later in a neighbour’s yard just a couple of doors away. She had done what children sometimes do, and what autistic children are prone to do – wander.

Ayn elated after she cut her own hair
It was days later when the social workers came to inquire of Derek, his views on her disappearance, although they also came prepared with the release document. He refused to sign. Without informing him of their next step MCFD personnel came to Ayn’s school and removed her. Yes of course, the Ministry file concerning Ayn and Derek contains other incidents and information beside this one report of a missing child. What someone somewhere in the weeks and months ahead will have to determine is whether the apprehension was necessary and most importantly whether it needs to continue. In the meantime, the best interests of this child are victimized by mere opinion on paper because in truth, this child does not require foster care, or drugs to render her controllable to foster caregivers. Ayn needs to be at home with her father and siblings.

Her mom and dad have divorced and laudably Amie grants that Derek is best suited to care for their children and is supportive of his good parenting. On August 18, 2011 on Derek’s Facebook group page he has written agonizingly. “They are drugging my daughter in order to make it easier for them to manage her. They are drugging her solely to reduce her will to resist. Seems to me there is something very wrong with that.. very, very wrong. If we all have rights, if Ayn has rights... do we not have the right to not be coercively medicated by the State in order to remove our will to resist?? Is it made Ok because she is disabled? Because the system is having a hard time handling her? Does this not fall under our right to Life and Liberty amongst others? What is it that is said or done if the government ever becomes destructive of these ends?” Derek mentioned the drugs being administered to his daughter. He is greatly offended and concerned for her health and wellbeing because she was not being medicated while living with him. He managed her by conversation and love. He wrote that there is a “long list at present she is on: Risperdal 2mg, Seroquel 25mg (PRN), benadryl (PRN), melatonin (unsure if nightly or not). Not sure if Chlopromazine 75mgx2 PRN is still prescribed but the foster mom, isn't using it. She was given Ativan 1 mg and Haldol 5mg immediately at the hospital, Cogentin and chlorpromazine the next day.
In an Aug 17 comment following Amie’s visit with Ayn he wrote this. “Here is something heartbreaking, I am messaging Amie and she says all throughout the visit 5 or 6 times Ayn said "Go to Daddy's house another day.
He also commented on Amie’s report of the visit. “She said Ayn seemed not like herself, very subdued and not very vocal, though she didn't seem heavily out of it. She said it did not go as good as she would have liked and for the most part Ayn played with objects in the room (puzzle, play doh, etc) and Amie just tried to coexist and to get involved.” When some FB followers asked for more information about this visit he responded. “I was told that Ayn was asking to see me today by the SW, not sure what their response to her was. As per her reaction to Amie I believe Ayn did initially fuss a bit but did not tantrum to any significant degree. Amie did not mention that she looked malnourished though she did say she looked like she needed a bath. I believe the visit was largely Ayn in a room doing her thing playing with play doh, assembling a Dora puzzle and Amie was engaging her trying to have it go smoothly and allow Ayn to see a familiar face. Both the SW and the supervisor described it as a "good" visit, Amie saw Ayn as subdued but not out of it. I don't believe Ayn was especially upset or affectionate. The drugs they have Ayn on are designed to treat acute manic delusions (which she does not have), one of the "adverse side effects" of these drugs is somnolence/sedation. It is that side effect which they are functionally using on Ayn. No video was allowed so really I do not know precisely how she is acting strangely. I will request permission for video and do not know what the possible reason for refusal will be, though they will likely do so, as I have requested video from the very beginning. …
Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. It's inhuman and inhumane. I cannot believe that I live in a democratic country in the 21st century. If this is a measure of our progress we'd better go back to the drawing board..

  2. Horrifying, absolutely horrifying. And the fact that this can occur in Canada and not even really be a news item really shows you that the justice system, and the media, are really do an abyssmal job. This should be front page news, all over the world. Instead, we are reading about royals and cats that have been mistreated.

  3. She looks a thousand years older.

  4. Derek has stated on his page he is busy responding to a 78-page affidavit. Quite a lot of explanation from MCFD for their no-notice removal. No exhibits for evidence.

    The drugging of Ayn is distressing, and no doubt hugely distracting while preparing to construct a defense.

    Derek does have two children MCFD left behind, and this may well be his best defense at the Presentation Hearing September 1st. It is rare MCFD leaves children behind because they have a very solid remove-one remove-all policy.

    The Facebook page has turned into quite an idea factory as dedicated posters contribute various ideas towards his defense preparation.

  5. How many ways can we say despicable, overbearing, unconscionable and bureaucracy without accountability? I can never see the strategy in removal and all the pain, expense and unreasonable procedures involved in apprehending children. Any simpleton knows that it is a third world strategy and not the way of a nation who has high level negotiators and compassionate, able people who could assist families with handicapped or sick children. Why is MCFD given powers, assisted by the judges, to operate as do guerrilla fighters in war zones. They represent a disgusting and shameful, dirty little secret in Canadian life. Who can believe it. It ranks up there with the slave trade in Canada which is so prevalent we are told. Who can believe these things but MCFD has legal powers in contrast to the slave trade which is completely illegal

  6. This is what happens when government gets too big, and therefore out of (our) control. The next time you think about asking government for something, think twice, because the bigger and more powerful you make government, the more it can, and will, be used against you.

  7. I understand all the above comments from posters. But my question is - Why isn't Amie caring for her daughter? Amie recognizes Derek is better suited to care for Ayn. That's fine. I appreciate that and applaud her for being so honest. However, surely Amie is better suited than MCFD care??? Why is no one (on here) upset with this mother for not wanting to take her daughter in??? What about auntie, uncle etc? Why is it MCFD's fault that the extended family isn't helping Derek??? Surely a family group conference could come up with a plan.

    Derek's FB comments seemed to be fair questions. He's well spoken.

  8. August 23, 2011 4:38 PM,

    Ayn is with Derek because that is the arrangement they (Amie and Derek made). Why the made it is none of your business. They are not the first couple to have this kind of arrangement.

    MCFD wouldn't even let Amie see Ayn for months, and they certainly aren't just going to let Amie take Ayn; that's not how they operate. This isn't a matter of MCFD being prepared to give Ayn to Amie, and Amie not wanting to take Ayn.

    Your comments almost sound defamatory towards Amie, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and just assuming you are ignorant of how MCFD works. There is no way MCFD would just give Ayn to Amie. If that were the case, Amie would take her, in a heartbeat. Please educate yourself as to the true nature of this Ministry, and please be careful in the future about making such comments, because they could appear, to some, to be viciously defamatory (i.e., suggesting the Ayn's mother, Amie, is letting MCFD keep Ayn because Amie doesn't want her).

    By the way, this isn't the first time I have read defamatory, and completely untrue, comments about Amie, or Derek. What a cruel thing to do, to spread lies about parents who are going through such heartache.


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