Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Parents BEWARE! Ayn's Van Dyk's Story, It Could Happen To You: Part 3 / 598

This post in its entirely is a quoted article by Carrie Russo who is a San Pedro Special Education Examiner (published  August 9, 2011 on Examiner.com.) She has recorded as well as anyone has, the synopsis of a heartbreaking family crisis. She writes from her home in California and she has done her homework well and spoken to Derek in order to glean these facts. Her previous two segments were referenced on this GPS site yesterday. This is her latest comment. I credit and quote it in its entirety.

To view the two reports that had preceded this one please visit http://exm.nr/Ayns_story for Parents BEWARE! It Could Happen to You: Part 1, and http://exm.nr/Ayns_Story_p2  for Parents BEWARE! It Could Happen to You: Part 2. In part one, a description of Ayn and her educational difficulties, and in part two, a description of “disputes with the ministry prior to” the removal of Ayn are reported.

In this article, part three, you will find a description of events leading up to the day that Ayn was removed.

When Derek Hoare was asked what the circumstances were that lead up to the removal of Ayn by MCFD, he described that the school's Care Team, which included a MCFD representative, requested that Derek consent to cutting Ayn's school days back from a six-hour day to a two-hour day, dismissing Ayn at 11 AM. Derek refused due to the fact that it is the school's responsibility to provide treatment for his daughter by offering professional services by telling the team, “You say her behaviors are getting out of control. Why would you cut back her treatment because you guys are supposed to be her treatment.” The Care Team also brought up that they believed Ayn had a dual diagnosis, which Derek refuted stating that Ayn could not be “crazy” at school and fine at home, that she would be consistently “crazy” if she truly suffered from a psychological disease; nevertheless, Derek was booked an appointment with Child and Youth Mental Health.

After participation in a long intake process, Derek was asked if Ayn could be assessed outside the home, Derek inquired how long the assessment would be for, and requested that he accompany Ayn. Derek shared his concern that the accuracy of the assessment would be faulty due to it being performed outside the home, and that Ayn would be uncooperative if her father were not permitted to accompany her. They left the meeting with the two questions left open, they told Derek that they would let him know how long the testing would be and if he could attend, Ayn was removed before he heard back from them.

One day Ayn, as is typical with autistic children, wandered away from the home. Derek searched for her in her usual hideouts to no avail, became increasingly concerned, and called the police to assist in his search. After about three hours, Ayn was found safe in a neighbor's backyard. Apparently she had gone into her tree-house, hopped over the fence, and as Derek put it “Goldilocksed” a neighbor's house, making cereal, taking a bath, watching television before she settling in the yard to play.

MCFD came to the Hoare resident, Derek remembers “they tried to play it sympathetically” by stating “raising one autistic child in a two parent family is extremely hard, so to raise two autistic children with only one parent must be overwhelming.” They suggested that Derek voluntarily agree to the removal of Ayn, as this would surely lighten his load. It was conveyed that Derek was unable to care for Ayn properly due to the incident that took place where MCFD forcibly removed Ayn from school on June 16, 2011.
Derek Hoare has agreed to write a post which will appear within days here.
Please contact Derek Hoare directly at 

Derek Hoare iconoclast_ensues@yahoo.com 904-HELP AYN 904-435-7296


  1. It would appear from Derek and Ayn's facebook page that a first visit with Ayn will occur "soon" with mom Amie. More than two months after the removal.

    This delay in arranging a visit is a disgrace.

  2. This is cruel and unusual punishment. And there hasn't even been a crime.


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