Thursday, December 29, 2011


A petition by advocates for a 10 year old girl's return to her family cannot affect that transfer of custody. It can however demonstrate the strength of public conviction that the apprehension and foster care of this child was ill advised and inappropriate. Within hours now the goal of 5000 signatures will have been reached. Almost 5000 people believe that Ayn, the ten-year old autistic daughter of Derek Hoare and Amie Van Dyk should not have been removed from parental care on the 16th of June 2011, and given that she was removed, she should have been returned to parental care much sooner than the six months, the 196 days that she has been in government care.

I am asking you to sign this petition. I want you to sign it. I am not the sponsor but merely a supporter of this child's return to normalcy. The petition as of this posting requires 48 more signatures to reach 5000.  Here is the link to the petition site, HELP BRING AYN VAN DYK HOME.

This blog has been chronicling Ayn's story for some time. If you don't know about her, you can scroll back or review the index on the left side of the page. In a capsule Ayn is autistic which accounts for her obstreperous behaviour. She is predictably unpredictable. Parents of autistic children understand this. They experience their children’s bizarre and sometimes fantastic behaviour. They cope. They muddle through. They read and learn and try and practice to manage their child’s autism. They become experts, authorities. A college degree does not an authority make. So, social workers and educators who simply observe a child’s conduct are sadly not conversant with the complexities of such a child’s necessary care.  Let’s call it indispensable care. So possibly on the basis of school reports about a child’s aggressive outbursts, or a neighbour’s report about a child’s unaccompanied walk on the sidewalk, or a police report after a wandering child is located, social workers apprehend the child. While government clinical or foster care can provide shelter and food and medication and some social interaction, that which is integral to this child’s necessary care is absent – her father’s love, his voice and his embrace. She is being deprived of what is indispensable to her welfare - her best interests. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the girl wandered from her home, scaled a fence to do it and was gone for three hours. It was a concern but it happens to non autistic children too. The Ministry of Children does not seize all those children who take a hike without permission. Neither should MCFD have taken Ayn. It was unnecessary. MCFD could have worked to assist Derek in his care of his child. He cares well enough for his other two children, sons, one of whom is also autistic. This is a preposterous case. MCFD officers should be embarrassed. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION

We made it......... It took fifteen hours but the petition now has 5,026 signatures, 74 of them added today.

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  1. The support for the petition was awesome! I think it will continue as will the increase in public awareness about Ayn and other children who are suffering needlessly.


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