Sunday, December 18, 2011


If you have some time, watch Ayn Van Dyk's story. Six months in the care of the government children's ministry, and even this past week as she celebrated her tenth birthday, she was not with her family, her mom and dad, her two brothers. Her dad's name is Derek. Derek's sister made this video in July 2011 when this ordeal was still young. She wrote, "This is a home made video dedicated to my brother Derek Hoare. He needs to know he is not alone anymore. I own nothing to the song, and the video content was shot by me. Any graphics are mine."

Supporters in the thousands celebrated Ayn's birthday all over the world. In this video from Niagara Falls some of Ayn's friends who have heard about her online, launched balloons in honour of her. 

A Music Video with music by Bryan Adams  Ayn's Amigos cannot do enough for her, and they feel so sorry for her and her family, that making a collection of still shots and video are one of the expressions. Free Ayn video shows Ayn at various stages of her childhood.

Requiem for Ayn is a touching video with an accompanying story to be read as slides change. 

Faces of Hope Radio put up this video, 'Abducted by Autusm - The Ayn Van Dyk Story.

Ezra Lavant interviewed Derek for a show that was aired, 15 July 2011. Sun Time News footage on the removal of 9-year old autistic Ayn from her father Derek Hoare. 

This is Roadkill Radio - Hear from Derek Hoare, a loving, committed father of 3 children. Two have autism and require his round-the-clock care and love in order to survive. However, his autistic daughter has now been snatched by the Ministry of Destruction - BC's corrupt Ministry of Children and Family Development. Hear from the children's mother in this segment for a deeper understanding of how these criminals falsify records, bully families, and steal children in order to feed their agency with more and more tax dollars. Please watch the entire 3-part series.

The description accompanying this video states: "WARNING COURSE LANGUAGE: My name is Derek I am a single father of 3 children, my youngest 2 have been diagnosed with severe autism. Though a constant challenge, I have done my best to protect and nurture them, as I love them so much and have dedicated my life to their achievement of happiness. My youngest child is a bright little spitfire named Ayn. Ayn is naive and unaware of the dangers that exist in the world, so when on Sunday she escaped the backyard we were very worried for her safety. After a brief search of the house, yard and neighbourhood, i called the police. Fortunately Ayn was discovered two doors down playing in a backyard. The challenges I have faced in caring for my daughter have been very dynamic, new challenges arise as fast as the old ones depart. Vigilance will be required to face this new found challenge, as it stands today I may never get that opportunity. This morning two workers from CPS arrived at my home to request that I "voluntarily" give Ayn over to them, if I refused (which i did) they would coercively remove her. They do not say that she was abused, they simply say that as a single father I have an overwhelming amount of responsibilty and workload, and that Ayn's naivity renders her a danger to herself, and due to my having so much to deal with they should remove her in effect to lighten my workload. The greatest successes this little girl has had were nurtured in the home, she loves it here, she loves her brothers and she loves her Dad, please help me get my little girl back."


  1. I thought to myself, with a group of over 4200 members and these 8 videos that really do convey heartfelt messages that evoke outrage and disbelief at a system, that empower individuals to take a child away from a parent, that viewers would forward these to friends and news outlets, who would then forward these to their friends, that the view numbers would be high.

    I compiled the view counts from the links in todays blog:

    255 - 5:47 This is a home made video
    130 - 4:32 In this video from Niagara Falls
    279 - 4:09 A Music Video with music by Bryan Adams
    1,933 - 3:44 Requiem for Ayn
    186 - 5:20 Abducted by Autusm - The Ayn Van Dyk Story.
    378 - 8:03 Ezra Lavant interviewed Derek
    172 - 14:58 Hear from Derek Hoare,
    4207 Help Bring little Autistic girl back to her daddy

    I'm curious to know what is the magic that allows a video of something funny to get hits that number on the millions which can lead to television coverage, but when a child and her family is suffering at the hands of tax-paid government officials, the attention fizzles rather quickly.

  2. Good observation and serious question Anon. Is serious subject matter such a turn off and frivolous stuff such a turn-on?


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