Monday, August 29, 2011


Cutting the Welcome Home Cake
August 25, 2011, this past Saturday afternoon was the long anticipated official party to mark the reunion of the Bayne family. Many friends came together to take pleasure with Paul and Zabeth in this recovery of relationships that are so important to them. Kent, Baden Bethany and Josiah are delights.

Paul and Zabeth thanked people who were instrumental during these past four years and thanked all who have so faithfully supported them with personal care, attention, prayer, financial provision for legal costs and so much more.

May this family live happily ever after.
Good bye and thank you.

As indicated in the previous post, this happy outcome now concludes my blog contributions to the Bayne Campaign of Justice. I am deeply satisfied to see this family able to move together into their future. My heart longs for other ruptured families to be whole and happy. I have respect for advocates of the rights of children to safety, freedom, provision and good care, as well as those who champion parents' rights and the need for changes within child protection services across our country. My thanks to all who have read the blog, commented and encouraged the Baynes. May some of you continue to be a support to other families going through difficult times. No further new blog posts or comments related to child protection will appear here.

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  1. This is so wonderful. It's terribly sad that this didn't happen a long time ago. I trust that the Bayne family and all who need encouragement in similar (or perhaps not so similar) circumstances will find this video clip encouraging: Love you forever, by Robert Munsch (


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