Friday, January 28, 2011

Your Comments About Waiting Longer / Part 433 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

When you learned as we did that we weren't going to receive a ruling on the Bayne case this past week on the 19th, many of had something to day on January 20, 2011.

Here is what you wrote.
How incredibly disappointing! I've been sitting her waiting for the clock to strike 12--not the news we've all been waiting to hear. Let's hope that justice prevails and that things will be set right for Paul, Zabeth and the little ones. SOON!
So, the extra 40 days would have absolutely nothing to do with the impending birth of the Baynes newborn? To say that I'm flabbergasted at this news would be an understatement. This is truly mindboggling. I would suspect Judge Crabtree has little say in the scheduling, but who else can be blamed. A Judge that has as much experience as Crabtree does has can go through everything and write a hundred pages in a week or so, I don't care how seemingly complex a matter appears.
Stay strong, Paul and Zabeth.
Given what Judge Crabtree stated about the validity of the doctor's evidence (the one who said it was abuse, can't remember her name right now), I can't see him ruling against the Baynes. This is an extremely important decision which will have implications for countless families, so it must be well written.
Oh yes we should be very concerned for the Baynes and the new baby. You may want to read the link I have provided concerning MCFD. MCFD is so used to trashing the aboriginals in BC they have come to rely on these practices as the norm. OH, yes be very afraid. And it does state that the judiciary DOES work with MCFD.
I'm so sorry that you have to wait even longer. I will keep praying for you as you wait. May many, many families benefit from the results of this coming news.
The time is ripe for another protest, right outside Gordon Campbell's office – again. Get the media in on this, and use this latest event to build up public awareness. This is no longer about the Baynes, this is about a complete failure of due process that sees extraordinary time and costs on a case that should have taken only a few days. The court time lost is responsible for setting free countless drunk drivers and petty criminals.
The birth of the child is MCFD's last hope - hope that 'something' goes wrong and they get to intervene. Once that happens, no matter what the decision, they still have their foot in the door and "services" would need to continue.
On December 22nd, Judge Crabtree made no firm commitment. He offered process. All he said was that he would deliver his verdict in writing by Jan 19 if he could and if he could not, he would do one or two other things. He would contact the judicial case manager, either to forward the verdict to the Baynes, or to set a hearing date when he would render a decision. So Jan 19 was just a date to set a date, which is often done in the legal system. There was no guarantee of anything. The best case scenario was that he would give his verdict. The worst case scenario was that he would set a new date. It could be months away. As I said two days ago, expect Murphy's law to prevail and expect the worst case.
Are we any further ahead now? In one respect we are. We now have an ultimate limit on how long we must wait. No later than the end of Feb and this looks firm. Before there was no light at the end of the endless tunnel. There is now light at the end of the tunnel, but we do not know how long the tunnel is. At worst it will take another 39 days. At best it could be next week. Judge Crabtree originally estimated 8 to 12 weeks. That would have taken us to Feb 8th on a worst case scenario. I am hoping that the verdict will be before the end of the month. How about St Valentine's day for a family love-in?

NOTE: The comment option has been shut off until February 20th. I regret this interruption and I look forward to continuing our coverage of the Bayne case as soon as something further develops.

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