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THERE WAS A CHRISTMAS AT THE BAYNES / Part 406 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

There was a Christmas celebration at the Bayne family home. Weeks ago when court case was concluding, the Baynes asked for a variance on the visitation order. They were asking for an unsupervised couple of visitation days with an overnight at Christmas at their home. Judge Crabtree instructed MCFD and the Baynes to see if they could work out a plan together and if the couldn't then the Baynes could come back to the Judge for a ruling. Predictably, the Director would not approve unsupervised time. Last week on the 22nd of December Judge Crabtree heard MCFD legal counsel and Zabeth and Paul Bayne. He did not grant the unsupervised visit.

Nevertheless, the Baynes have been very grateful for the precious time and type of visitation they have had this year. The Baynes made the best of their Christmas visits with their three children. On Friday, Christmas Eve they were able to enjoy their children for three hours from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and the children's Bumpa and Gammy (Grandpa and Grandma) were present as well. Among their activities the children decorated Christmas cookies. The time was brief but treasured.

On Christmas Day, Saturday December 25th, the Baynes had six hours together from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Bumpa and Gammy attended once again with a family dinner and sounds of children at play and gift exchanges. Even the supervisor who was contracted for this special day came with gifts with the children. The Bayne family gave this supervisor gifts as well. They were all making this situation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The grandparents enjoyed this time with their grandchildren immensely because they are generally not allowed to be with the children in the family home. Paul read a Christmas story. The family played together and told one another how much they loved one another.

This was by far a better Christmas celebration than the previous three Christmases. It was difficult to say goodbye. Then the children were off to join their foster family for seasonal visits to other foster family members.

They were together yesterday as well, New Year's Eve Day and enjoyed an outstanding time. You can see some of the celebratory photos on a Facebook page. 



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  2. I have a couple of provisos to publishing this comment that immediately precedes this. First to all readers and second to the writer.

    First, do not be offended by what this writer says, even if the content is something with which you disagree. Please accept that this writer has freedom to express a point of view and I have granted that here.

    Second, to the writer I say, it took me some time to decide whether I would print it. This blog attracts readership from across the spectrum of beliefs and philosophies and shares in common a need to speak out against injustice or unfairness within this specific area of child protection. I have not attempted to speak on this blog to government at large. I will certainly not call government officials and law enforcement pigs. You say much more than that in this rant. You might think that because I have been a pastor for a lifetime and I also cherish the scriptures and I believe that it speaks to us both now and for the future, that I would find your comment satisfactory. I don't! This does me or my cause no favors. It will not serve you well either if this is the way you carry on with authorities. I exercise discernment when using scripture, do not rip verses from context in order to make a current point and make certain that I know to whom I am talking or writing so I can choose my words wisely. There is a great deal of warning in scripture and much comfort as well. It is good to demonstrate the balance.

    I am distressed that you have suffered at the hands of MCFD and that you have not been able to achieve your objectives in 2010 of recovering your child and that relationship. I do trust that 2011 can be a different year for you in this respect. Perhaps a wiser course of action and a better choice of expression will move us all forward with great success.

  3. I can't imagine how someone who has had their children taken by the government can express themselves. It must be so difficult, because it's such an atrocity and so unbelievable that this can happen now, and in an alleged democracy.

    And as for the Baynes being allowed to see their own children, I am sure they are grateful, but this is really just terrorism in action when a government does this to such good parents and grandparents.

    If the judge doesn't rule in favour of the Baynes on the 18th or whenever it is, it will really only serve to strengthen the movement to expose the corrupt nature of both government and child protection. They can only get away with this for so long. More people are becoming aware all the time. And even those who sound a bit fanatical are more reasonable sounding, by far, than those who seek to destroy families like the Baynes.

  4. Take one's children as a "precaution" then allow the children visits of a mere fraction of available time and the parents are to be grateful to MCFD for this atrocity? Parents who do not smile and show how grateful they are to the Ministry for their miniscule allotment of time risk affecting future visitations. Blackmail. it is a cruel game for which MCFD makes up different rules for each parent.

    These pictures and hundreds of others on the Bayne's facebook site represent a small sample of what has been stolen from this family by a government who has a cheaper, less invasive processes other than removal, but consistently chooses removal first. Three or nine hours of week costly, invasive supervised visitation is an insult regardless of the holiday time.

    From the Ministry perspective, allowing the Baynes to take photos and post these images of their happy children conveys a public image that the Ministry is "not so bad." I wonder if the Baynes even allowed to take photos during the visits before this blog was started?

    For most people, if photos are publicly posted showing inattentive supervisors or bruises on the children, photo taking privileges would be quickly terminated. Audio and video recording continues to be forbidden by MCFD when supervision is in place because this is evidence against MCFD.

    If you want some sense of what the Baynes three children have endured in terms of emotional angst and physical injuries, look at!/album.php?aid=22056&id=100000206176739

    Note that one must become a "friend" of the Baynes on their Facebook page in order to view the images.

    I question how many other families facing CCO's for whom the Ministry provides gift-bearing supervisors who are happy to give up their Christmas day. The reality is that there are far more unhappy life-memories out there because of MCFD and other needless "child protection" interventions.

    The illogic and inconsistency with which MCFD works with the Baynes compared to other people continues to astound me. On one point, why continue to send social workers from Chilliwack to conduct meetings in Surrey rather than simply transfer the case there?

    The Director personally involves himself in offering as-yet unspecified services to the Baynes and continues to pressure for a parental capacity assessment. Yet he approves their home for visits, but does not seem interested in updating their risk assessment. How about filling out that "family strengths" page for starters, before offering costly, time consuming and unwanted services?

    I'm as curious as Ray Ferris is to know why Judge Crabtree put himself in the position of offering to rule on unsupervised Christmas access, then ended up refusing the request once again. He could have at least ruled to allow other friends of the family to visit. What a waste of court time.

    From the Children's perspective, their memory of Christmas for the past three years is waking up in a different home each year with strangers paid by taxpayers to care for them. How exactly is this in the public interest or in the children's best interest?

  5. To the Anon 11:59, perhaps (1) publish the 64-page Human Rights complaint, white out identifying details and posted the rejection response. The process may be of immense value to other parents who may be considering a similar action.

    There is also (2) mention of a derogatory comment from the social worker who states MCFD will keep the children. This appears to be quite common. The obvious concern would be, to how many other parents this social worker has made similar comments to. The only way I know of to stop this behaviour is to post the name of the social worker and the comment attributed to that person (however, this forum is not the place to publish names that are not already posted in, say, a legal judgment on a judicial website.)

    The above (two) things I picked out of the post that is of interest to me. I automatically filter out that which I estimate would have little relevance in bringing MCFD atrocities to light.

    The Human Rights Tribunal is a difficult path. I have heard from another professional, a prospective foster parent, whose case was accepted, what he went through in attempting to bring the case to a hearing. He later quit because of the behind-the-scenes tactics MCFD used leading up to the pre-trial case conference and a promise of even more debilitating tactics. (Interviewing employers and associates and indirectly threatening his job, and overwhelming him with paperwork a day before a hearing.)

    The public should expect not to have to endure direct or veiled threats to their children in the guise of child protection or child welfare, simply because the worker believes their comment will never be brought to light.

    However, the fact that this is brought to public attention is important. The messenger cannot be discounted simply because the language used is unfamiliar or not mainstream.

    This is exactly how MCFD targets families. How families are "different" often receives more attention than whether or not the children are free of injuries, fed and educated. A heavy reliance on scripture may simply invite an MCFD observation there is an insufficient support structure in place and the bible is being used as a crutch. This translates into an assessment this parent would be easy to crush in court.

    The posting is severely lacking in information that would provide more context. There is virtually no point of reference for me to get a picture of the children and situation. How many children, their ages, duration in care, reason for removal, services offered (or not), risk assessment results, parental capacity assessment, which Director is involved -- take your pick.

    If "some" of this information does not exist, this is the same as being silent. Along with keeping workers actions anonymous, This is what MCFD wants.

  6. Hello Anon 10:28 PM Jan 2
    Your description is reasonably and sadly accurate. Parents must play a cruel game. You speak understandably of the Bayne experience. That is appreciated. I don't know whether this blog has played a part in relaxing the MCFD adverse reaction toward visuals of the children. I do know that before I began these posts, the Baynes in desperation and concern were speaking with the news media using photos of their children with occasional bruises which occurred during foster care and about which they had concerns. It was an understandable parental worry. MCFD loathed public posted images of the children. At least the widespread exposure by this blog particularly and others who have carried the story has placed this case well beyond the “Privacy and Confidence” restrictions MCFD loves to impose. The GPS blog and the Facebook Bayne Campaign for Justice as well as Baynes own facebook page show the family thoroughly at ease with one another, in love with one another, and loving to be together. I agree with you that other parents may still be experiencing restrictions of all kinds. Other advocates and supporters need to start up Blogs like mine to advocate for specific individuals, but write well and carefully and truthfully. You have said much more that is discerning and for which we could use answers. The MCFD treatment of the Baynes is a conundrum of dumb service.


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