Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Comments About Their Mistakes/ Part 429 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

On Monday, November 8, 2010 I wrote Part 361 entitled “ SOCIAL WORKER FALLIBILITY” and this is a portion of what I said. “Social workers are slow to revise their judgements. Research indicates that this error is widespread and by no means peculiar to social workers but it means that misjudgements about clients that may have been unavoidable on the limited knowledge available when they were made, continue to be accepted despite a growing body of evidence against them.”

Then you wrote this.

I blame the social workers, but they couldn't get away with this destructive behavior if it weren't for those higher up. This corruption must be systemic, and it is, apparently, worldwide. It really makes you wonder what is going on. Such a powerful ministry or agency doing such great harm, all in the name of good, it really boggles the mind.
people all over the world are working hard to expose this corruption, and it is only a matter of time before the general public sees the child protection industry for what it is. Let's hope we aren't all living in totalitarian states before that time comes. It almost seems as if this is a race against that time.
As a member of the public viewing this case in detail, it undermines the confidence I have in the system. I am concerned that people will be more reluctant to report their neighbors when they know the family will not truly be helped.
Yes, I think that the system does have a few problems. One thing is that calls are accepted and become legal fact in the manner that the calls content is accepted in court with the same weight as 'evidence'. Yet there are a few crazy people out there who will call on their neighbours even though they know they are not doing anything wrong. Sometimes it is the case that the caller does not like children and is annoyed that they live beside a family. I have a neighbour like that!!!The calls are recorded and acted upon even though the content is unlikely.
That is one big problem!!!
I met many parents through taking parenting courses put on by MCFD and through family court. At first I did not know that the parents in the classes had lost their children. They seemed so nice, so normal and so caring. Then later when I lost my children, I realized that it is very easy to have your children taken. A supervision order is a percurser to taking the children for flimsy reasons. CPS calls anything at all a 'breach' and takes the kids. It means that the parents have to have a lot of contact with the system and MCFD gets to find out if they think you are capable or not of parenting your kids.
I started out with a pretty good opinion of MCFD and I was unprepared because of that. Now, I know better. I think most people would not be able to believe how it actaully works. It is too bad and it makes people change their mind about child protection, that is for sure!!!
The comment option will be closed at 12:00 AM this morning and will remain shut off until February 20th. I regret this interruption and I look forward to continuing our coverage of the Bayne case as soon as something further develops.

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