Monday, January 3, 2011

THE SILENCE OF THE PARENTS / Part 407 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

While we have referenced this before on this blog, it bears a repeat reference. The opening paragraphs of the 2008 “Broken Promises” report by Pivot Legal Society say what many of us have been writing from personal experience as parents or close friends of families affected by MCFD. The paragraphs say:
“In 1996 the Child Family and Community Services Act (“CFCSA”) came into force, promising a new direction for child welfare in British Columbia. This forward thinking legislation promised a different style of service provision dedicated to supporting families to care for children in the home, improving services for Aboriginal families, using apprehension only as a last resort, and reunifying children as quickly as possible when temporary placement is necessary.

This report examines whether child protection practices are living up to the principles set out in the CFCSA – the foundation of B.C.’s child protection system. Our conclusion is that current child protection practices in B.C. violate the guiding and service delivery principles that are set out in law. We find that the system, despite legislative reform, internal reorganization and changing governments, is failing to follow its own mandate and keep its promise to keep B.C.’s children safe.

This report looks at the child welfare system from a number of perspectives, including those of service providers, social workers, and lawyers representing parents in child protection cases. However, the major focus of this report is the experiences of parents whose children are or have been involved with the child protection system. These voices have often been silenced in the debate surrounding child welfare reform. This report highlights the important and unique insights that these parents have into the strengths and weaknesses of B.C.’s current system. Their participation in this project is a testament to their commitment to helping improve the system for families.”
For access to the entire report, press this link.
'Broken Promises' is the research product of 
Pivot Legal Society
678 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1R1

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  1. Ron; the Child Family And Community Services Act is a terrible act. I have written many times to explain all the flaws in it and why it ground the courts to a standstill. An uneducted woman, representing the "Parents in Crisis" group could not have put it better when she told the Gove Commission, "There's too many weasel words in it for my liking your honour." "Too many weasel words", now would that not be an apt description of the ministry case against the Baynes. How about changing the title of the ministry to Ministry of Weasel Words and Evasion of Accountability." Not as succinct as the old title for MCF "Ministry of frustration and chaos."
    A correction for one of yesterday's writers. The director did not permit visiting in the family home. The judge ordered it.


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