Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enough Talk / Part 423 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

We are down to the last two days before Judge Crabtree rules. I am tired of words, my own included. Six hours every Saturday, three children visit mommy and daddy in the family home. That's the way it must be forever, every day, no exception, no interruption. These photos prove it.

Bethany and Mommy and the Lesson

This is a great book

Just horsing around

Daddy got invited to a tea party

I drew this. Can you tell me what it is?

Baden lounging on his bed

Kissy Time

Time to take the tree down but what a great Christmas we had.
We know the word tomorrow.


  1. I pray that YOUR children be rightfully given back and that justice will correct all the wrong they can possibly correct! Your loving children belong with their loving parents!
    Margaret Pps

  2. Thank you Margaret. I am sure Paul and Zabeth will appreciate reading your words.

  3. Our prayers are with the Bayne family. These children belong with their loving parents.

  4. Our hearts and prayers are with you Paul and Zabeth. Your children belong with YOU! May God give you continued courage and His peace!

  5. Ron, my good friend and partner in the struggle; can it be that this endless toil is nearly at an end. Time and again I have thought that it could not last much longer, only to dicover that the path was still tortuous and full of pitfalls.
    When the hearings for evidence started last January, I thought that it would all be over bar the shouting by March at the latest. Then as we plodded through March and April through June I thought that it could not possibly go on much longer. Then there was no court time until august when a week was set down. This must be it I said to myself. The evidence has already been hashed and double rehashed. Just how many days does it take to deliver one medical opinion?
    You said the case is complicated. The case is simple. One medical opinion says deliberate injury. Ten opinons say there is not the evidence to justify such an assumption and the injuries could just as well be accidental. The issue is simple. Insufficient strength of evidence to support the director's complaint and request for a CCO. The case is only complicated because the director was determined to make it so. So August came and went. All the evidence was complete by Auguist 13th. Hallelujah! The end must be nigh. Dream on. Murphy's law dictates otherwise. If anything can go wrong it will. Finn Rumplestiltskin needed three more pay days spread out over two or three days. November 8th, nearly three more months drag by. Now all evidence is in all summaries and rebuttals are complete. Nothing else to hold matters up. The judge decides the needs up to three months to write his judgement. No doubt he has his reasons, but that does not make the wait any less painful or the tension any less for the Baynes. They still have to endure another three months of draconian supervision and meantime the director has found a new means of torturing them while they wait. He makes threatening moves against the Baynes expected son, Josiah. Josiah is a very smart baby. He is now at 35 weeks gestation and he has decided not to emerge until he is safe from the clutches of the ministry.
    So now we are within a day or so of conclusion. Or are we? Will Murphy intervene again? I am not ruling it out while I wait with bated breath for the ruling. Note well. I am not in the least worried about the ruling itself, because I cannot see how the director has come anywhere near close to providing complelling evidence. I am just worried about how much longer the whole damned process will take.I am amazed that the minister is not outraged.

  6. All my prayers are with you. I will give you all my prayers and I know that life is deeper than what can be controlled by MCFD. The love between a parent and a child is deeper than all this that is put in the way.

  7. Well written, Ray. It summarizes how ridiculously long and cruel these proceedings have been, as well as reminding everyone of all the painful and unnecessary delays.

    Paul and Zabeth, We're holding you tight in our prayers and our hearts. This has often been a road of sorrow and loneliness for you. Remember, you are not alone in this. There are many. many. many people hoping and praying along with you that tomorrow is THE day where you finally receive justice! You are both loved and valued by many. Thank you for the amazing example of integrity, love, faith and forgiveness you have modeled.

  8. I will be praying for you as you wait for tomorrow. And praying that you will finally be reunited with your children.


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