Monday, January 10, 2011

Why would a government ministry here in B.C. want to be feared? Why would a service agency need to be feared? If the best interests of children and the healthy development of families propel a ministry of the government, why would any social workers ever use relational methods that clients perceive as unfriendly, disinterested, hostile, intimidating and threatening? Why?


  1. Taking control of all situations by aggressive intimidating behaviour? This is the least despicable tactic they use on parents. Using children as pawns to create fear and public disbelief that a democratic government could become so corrupt is instrumental to the success of this racket.

    "Child protection" is nothing more than an excuse to launch a White Terror on a small group of parents for the financial benefit of special interests who live on the avail of this scam.

  2. so you will submit!


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