Thursday, January 27, 2011

Your comments about My Appeal to Social Workers / Part 432 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

I wrote AN APPEAL TO SOCIAL WORKERS on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, in Part 391 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne. 

A number of readers wrote in response. Here is what you said.

There is no point appealing to SW as the presence of some good SW, if they ever exist, cannot stop this structural corruption. Nobody will jeopardize their pay cheque, job security and livelihood to uphold justice.
Child protection" industry is a racket controlled by a cartel aiming to get rich by ripping off taxpayers at the expense of destroying families. The only way to stop this is by revoking child removal authority and kill CFCSA.
Polak, like most politicians, is interested to win the next election. She and her party have no guts to step on the toes of the union, law society, foster parent association, college of psychologist, ... etc. Complaints of oppressed parents are of little concern to her. Politicians know how oppressive and counterproductive CFCSA is but have chosen not to publicly admit it or to rock the boat for practical political considerations. Polak is elected to serve the interests of the people in BC. If she is not doing this, is her pay a waste of tax dollars? If yes, does it amount to ripping taxpayers off? Be mindful that her MLA and minister pay and other perks are over $100K per year.
Rhetoric that appears radical may not be effective or persuasive. However, revoking child removal authority by killing CFCSA is the only practical solution to end this fiasco and build a safer future for our children. Doing so will not compromise real child protection as there are other laws giving authority to separate abusive parents and children based on good evidence and legal due process. Removing the absolute power to remove will substantially reduce wrongful removal, abuse of power and corruption.
The truth about child protection, and all the corruption, is very difficult to articulate because it is so unbelievable. A person tends to sound like a fanatic or lunatic. But just because someone sounds like this, doesn't mean they aren't telling the truth.
You suggested that abolition would never be considered as a solution for unjustified or mistaken removals. Wrong. Law is man-made. Everything, from right to wrong, is possible. 90 years ago, women were not allowed to vote in Canada. Homosexuality was a crime 40 years ago. Same sex marriage was legally impossible just a few years ago. What does our law say on these issues now?
Your attitude of uncertainty, doubt and non-decisiveness is exactly what special interests want to see. Without revoking child removal authority, they can manoeuvre you, swing you, walk you through a garden path with terms and models they invent. It will get you nowhere but back to square one after years of advocacy. Lawyers, politicians and SW are extremely good at this. You will run out of steam or die without accomplishing anything.
NOTE: The comment option has been shut off until February 20th. I regret this interruption and I look forward to continuing our coverage of the Bayne case as soon as something further develops.

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