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NEW YEAR'S DAY 2011 / Part 405 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

Dear friends and interested followers of the Baynes, I trust that you have enjoyed a wonderful, even memorable Christmas. More than that, I am hoping this New Year 2011, becomes a standout in every positive manner possible. Happy New Year is my wish for you.

That is certainly what I am trusting will be true for Zabeth and Paul Bayne. A Year of Happiness. Certainly the New Year will start remarkably because very soon Zabeth will give birth to her fourth child. He already has a name. He will be called 'Josiah,' an interesting choice because it means 'God heals.' It is a name bestowed with faith by his parents. Parents who have endured insult, allegation, accusation and deprivation. These parents are a rarity. Many parents give up. Their faith is rare. Faith in the MCFD Team that has managed their case would be misplaced. Paul's and Zabeth's faith is in their LORD in heaven. Don't fault them. Our political society is tending to correctly accommodate people of all faiths except Christianity. The faith of this maligned couple pronounces this soon-to-be-born child's name as the explanation for the anticipated return of the three Bayne siblings. God will heal this family. It's been broken for far too long, a distastefully lengthy time. Good people everywhere should be outraged at a child protection and legal system that can ignore time-lines and parameters of its own guiding Act and delay the administration of justice in the case of children where every year is so important to nurture. The birth of this boy will be momentous for the Baynes, their family and their friends. All the Baynes wanted when they were married was a large family and property on which the children could play and grow and learn to love God and one another and others. I know that because I was the one invited to officiate their marriage ceremony. I spent hours with them in preparation for their wedding vows of commitment. The children were taken from them. Their property was forfeited in the legal struggle to get their children back. Yet still Paul and Zabeth can say confidently that 'God heals.'

The healing of the family will also be an event of such import in 2011, not just because it will end over three years of invasive, antagonistic, adversarial activity by MCFD but also because that family restoration could inspire the efforts of hundreds of parents and advocates. They may now take courage to speak out louder and longer, to go public, to let their story sound the weaknesses of a system that is misinterpreted at the front lines.


  1. Judges love to be unpredictable. Being predictable seems to be undermining their intelligence and supremacy.

    Courts complain of being overburdened by cases. Contrary to popular belief, it is clearly in their interest to be overburdened. Judicial powers and salaries, like other breeds of social parasites in the "child protection" industry, are determined by demand for their services. Judges, the apex service provider, are of no exception. Did our media recently reported that criminal cases were dropped due to long delay in fair trial because of a shortage of provincial court judges? This is a tactic to create public pressure to hire more judges and increases their salary. Hiring one judge and providing court services to support his/her activities cost $1.6 million per year.

    Crabtree's decisions so far suggest that the judiciary aims to increase their volume of business by having more hearings. It appears when the court does a better job more persons will be attracted to it and the higher the volume of the persons served. He shrewdly sets the judgment day in mid January 2011, about the expected due date of the Bayne. This serves to pressure the Bayne to accept MCFD's unwanted and uninvited "service" to their unborn.

    Mr. Ferris is right that SW cannot achieve absolute power without accomplice. The judiciary is clearly one of them. The judiciary is the only entity that has the power to mitigate this atrocity. Yet they choose to enhance the problem by rubber stamping decisions made by SW.

    To those who have not witnessed the atrocity of child removal, watch this:

    The only way to stop this atrocity is to revoke child removal authority. History has proven that government has repeatedly abused this power. State-sponsored child removal is more oppressive than residential schools, more abnormal than incest, more harmful than street drugs, more unacceptable than terrorism and more inhumane than slave trading. Do we still need to hesitate to revoke this undue power?

  2. From the many parents I've talked to, I would take issue with the statement that "many parents give up" fighting for their children.

    It may be more accurate to say that most parents that are targeted by MCFD are overwhelmed and overcome by superior firepower of their government. Most parents do not have the wherewithal to mount an adequate defense. Those few parents who do fight, MCFD tends to dig in and outguns them in terms of legal expertise and forces parents to deplete their finances, support structure and willpower.

    I find it extraordinary to witness the Baynes faith, community support, perseverance, family unity, strength of will and consistently calm response to everything MCFD has thrown at them.

    If every parent fought and persisted as they are doing, MCFD would be more easily exposed with their waste of resources on legal battles instead of investing in preventative services and proper investigation.


    It seems odd to me the same social workers from Chilliwack are still involved and driving all the way to Surrey for meetings rather than having the file transferred to Surrey. I ask, because two other parents I spoke to recently had their files transferred when they moved.

    There appears to be some benefit to having fresh eyes look at cases that are transferred. With locally located social workers, quicker responses can be had for day to day issues that come up.


    The date on the U.K. video posted by Anon 1:07am says it all, December 22, 2010; a child removed from within their home 3 days before Christmas.

    The video page views and volume of comments in just one week are higher that I am used to seeing on such videos, about 12,000 views and 360 comments.

    Even though the audio is difficult to make out, the intensity of the situation is unmistakable and disturbing to watch. Four armed officers are clearly prepared for an altercation and removal by force of a 13-year old child from within his own home against his wishes. I see no difference between the U.K. and here in Canada.

    One comment poster mentioned it would be a public service to publish the names of the social workers and police so that they could later be searched. People need to ensure they are armed with cell phone camera's at all times.

    By comparison, the MCFD cowards in B.C. generally take the easy way out. They usually wait until the children are out of the home, in a public place, then remove the child(ren) without the assistance of police. Police are often used to deliberately create a traumatic situation, as with the removal of the boys at the Baynes birthday party.


    For this New Year, I wish for accountability for MCFD and less intervention, and that more parents rise up and fight back.

  3. Anon 1:02 AM
    I hope you finally slept well after that early morning comment. I agree with all that you have written. I accept your improvement to my statement. Your comment about parents not having the 'wherewithal' and being outgunned is more accurate or at least is explanatory.
    Yes Baynes show a resilience and strength and they do have a wide support base people, yet still one of the inane arguments the Director used recently was that the Baynes do not have the support to care for the children given that Zabeth is so pregnant and they work as custodians. He even had the uninformed audacity to suggest that their employment cannot support these children. If any of these MCFD people knew anything about the Baynes, they would know that Paul has increased his responsibilities, and signed another custodial contract so believe me, it could become a viable business and not merely a menial job.

    The Director has given notice that the transfer of the file will take place. However, this how lamely this outfit works. One early morning a while ago, after he Baynes had worked a night shift and we still sleeping at aboyt 8 AM two SWs were banging at the front door. No one had bother to call in advance, to make an appointment. It may well be that these two were dispatched and are not to blame. But no successful company could run for long like this and stay in business. This bunch get free money.

    By all means fight back.

  4. I spent a few days on the mainland at christmas and I had the pleasure of keeping company with several people who were intelligent, warm and principled. They not only had good moral compasses, but the courage to do what they believed to be right. None of them would have dreamt of doing to the Bayne family what has been done by the children's ministry staff.
    This got me thinking and trying to imagine what sort of people those ministry staff could be. What sort of people could do those sort of things and still sleep o' nights? What sort of people could be so certain, with no reliable facts to go on? How do their minds work? Well, I am not going to carry on today, but on Tuesday January 4th, I will write plenty. Watch out for it. Meantime keep in mind that Judge crabtree hopes to have his written ruling out no later than January 19th. Start counting down only 17 more days. Two weeks from next Wednesday at the latest Two more Saturday access visits and two or three more Wednesdays. That will be the last two weeks of about 170.
    Meanwhile, dare I quote from a couple of sections of the CF&CSA? Guiding princples Section 2(g) Decisions relating to children should be made and implemented in a timely manner.
    Best interests of child.
    Section 4 (c) The importance of continuity in a child's care. (g) the effect on the child if there is delay in making a decision.
    I know, you are all laughing your heads off. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

  5. Ray, I am really looking forward to reading your comments on Jan. 4, presumably with respect to what kind of people could do this to the Baynes.


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