Thursday, June 26, 2014


This is a must see.
In 3 ½ minutes it dramatizes what has transpired between government and B.C. teachers for the past twelve years.  The same actor plays each role. It has comic value. It also sympathizes with justice. Regardless of whether you may agree or disagree with the BCFT salary demands or other contractual requests, this video address the crux of the issue in failed negotiation historically and presently. It tells the truth.


  1. Solution: do not vote for the BC Liberals!!!!
    Sea to Sky Conservatives

    1. Lisa, that is certainly one solution to satisfy a few voters on a number of issues. Curiously the Liberals in BC are a combination of liberals and conservatives. I wish in BC that there was a viable conservative alternative. People to whom I have spoken say they would vote conservative but feel they cannot because it will be a wasted vote, and they don't want to vote NDP for their own reasons, so they vote liberal, and here we are.


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