Sunday, June 1, 2014


2 represents Sunday and Monday, two days until the Court Hearing in which a presiding judge will learn that a TCO, Temporary Custody Order has come to a conclusion. The TCO has authorized the MCFD to hold Ayn Van Dyk in its custody until June 3rd. The TCO was supposed to justify holding Ayn Van Dyk in foster care and away from her parents' custody and loving care. That order finishes. Caution: That natural conclusion has not stopped MCFD in other earlier cases, with other people's children. It's possible the concluding date may not stop MCFD this time. MCFD could try for a continuation. MCFD lawyers might use delay tactics, the lawyer's too busy schedule, or sudden bilious  attack preventing his presence in court, or the death of a beloved family member, the lawyer's pet Dalmatian.

What also could happen and should happen is that the MCFD will act responsibly, realizing there is no substantial reason to hold this child now, and therefore to tell the judge that MCFD recommends that Ayn be returned to one of her parents. Perhaps MCFD has even worked towards that outcome. We'll see won't we?

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