Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today was the day.

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The news became public that Amie Van Dyk, biological mom to Ayn Van Dyk was, as of today, the legal guardian and primary custodial caregiver for her daughter. There are no continuing supervision requirements involved. At Amie’s request, Ayn will remain with the present foster caregivers for the next two weeks so that she can conclude her schooling with her present class and teacher. During those two weeks Ayn can come home for the weekends. Both of these parents, Amie and Derek Hoare,  share a mutual respect that allowed them to say that Ayn coming home was of paramount importance, and if she could not be returned to one, then each wanted the other to be that guardian. From that expression it can be assumed that Derek will now once again be able to enjoy the company of his daughter as well, and this youngest of three children will be able to spend time with her two brothers who live with dad.

Needless to say, this is a happy, happy day.  The family is ecstatic. And remarkably there are over 3,000 Facebookers who tied onto Ayn’s case and her page and have been eagerly longing for this day. Whoever we are, it is impossible not be the teeniest bit emotional about this. Three years of separation is a very long time, too long.

MCFD did the right thing on this particular day. That’s all I can say about that.

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