Thursday, June 19, 2014


In B.C. the Premier’s salary has risen from $117,000 in 2001, to Christy Clark’s 2014 annual salary of $194,000. That’s fair, she believes.
Typically an MLA in 2001 earned an approximate base salary of $72,000 and today your MLA enjoys a 41.3% increase to $102,000 base.
Is it similarly fair that a B.Ed grad in 2001 earned $60,000 as a teacher, and now receives the equivalent over these 13 years of a 26.8% increase to $76,000.

Nova Scotia’s teachers are the lowest pain teachers in Canada. Second to them are British Columbia’s teachers. When the cost of living in each of those provinces is compared, B.C. teachers are understandably experiencing the pain.

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