Monday, June 2, 2014


1 - One more day of waiting for the Court Case at which the future or part of the future of Ayn Van Dyk will be learned. No one knows what the judge who is charged with this case tomorrow, will do with the presentation to be made by the legal team of the Ministry of Children and Family Services. Why wouldn’t I be interested when I have been following the glacial flow of this girl’s progress to freedom for the past three years. Clearly this is not about me or anyone else on this support page. This is about one small girl and the interruption into her daily family life that was made by a bureaucratic government agency. When this began, her story was championed by her father. Family members and friends began and promoted this Facebook page to let the province and eventually the world know how ministry concern had morphed into negligent interference. The Facebook page did what it was designed to do, gathered the interest of others who are moved by a girl’s dilemma, a family’s sadness, and a glaring injustice. I must say that I cannot help but be interested in tomorrow’s Court event since it is the most promising moment thus far in Ayn’s case. My interest doesn’t help anyone, yet nevertheless attentive parties cannot help but to speculate what may happen. It’s natural. It’s predictable for someone like me who has watched the MCFD shaft so many people in the past. It should be expected that people like me will show compassionate interest when our hearts have been touched by a young girl’s story.

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