Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Since we have learned that Ayn will be coming home to her family, the media is asking for opportunity to consult with Derek Hoare. None of us know full details of the agreement that has been reached with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. When the return is imminent and when Derek is ready, I am sure that he will make himself available to release information. There are some comments from Derek on Ayn's Facebook Page which is open to anyone. Let me remind all of you of the good coverage that some news journalists provided to Derek in the early weeks of this now 18 month ordeal.


July 14, 2011
Global News BC -- Ted Chernecki reporting

 July 15, 2011
Sun Time News by Ezra Levant with Sun News Network
"BC Dad Fights for the Return of Autistic Daughter from State"
"Can The State Steal Our Kids Without Due Process?"
July 15, 2011
Global News Tonight  by Chris Gailus
Global has done it again. Tonight in back to back stories, Chris Gailus introduced the news that MCFD has been under-reporting the large number of children hurt while in foster care. It is scandalous and Children's Representative expressed her dismay. The Ministry of Children deemed many of these cases not deserving of reporting to her. The second story concerned none other than 9 year-old Ayn, the autistic daughter of Derek Hoare. Derek was able to speak again. The report was superior coverage. Now Premier Christy Clark is fully apprised of the unpleasant news about MCFD's low-grade performance in the child protection sector. Derek, you are a valiant Dad.

July 16, 2011
Global News BC -- Ted Chernecki reporting
Update: "Autism Society of BC is Speaking Up"


Support grows for Abbotsford dad trying to get back his autistic daughter
By Vikki Hopes - Abbotsford News  Published: July 13, 2011 3:00 PM
An Abbotsford dad said his autistic daughter cried for 18 days straight after she was removed from his care, and he was asked to provide a photo of himself to help calm her down.  Derek Hoare, whose story was first reported June 25 in The News, has been fighting to get back his nine-year-old daughter, Ayn van Dyk, since she was taken by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) on June 16.

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