Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Bayne Family have sent a 2012 Christmas greeting. You may know that they have a serious Christian faith that sustained them through their four year long ordeal. Christmas means a lot to them because it commemorates the birth of their Saviour Jesus Christ. This is reflected in their remarks.

We at the Bayne household would like to send along a Christmas greeting to you all who are near and dear to us. It is our prayer that you have a love-filled and safe holiday and a happy and prosperous new year. But also, more importantly, it is our prayer that each one of us remember the true reason why we celebrate this time of year. For us who believe in the Lordship and sovereignty of Jesus Christ, it is a time where we thank Him for coming to this earth as a baby, in a manger, humble, meek and lowly, to die on that rugged cross. It's not about the presents, or Christmas tree or even the carols, it's about Jesus. Yes, there are many traditions and misconceptions surrounding this holiday, but one thing is true and sure. The Son of God came to earth, died on the cross and rose from the dead. This, we celebrate. This we hold near and dear to our hearts. This is Christmas!

One last thing, below is a video on salvation, preached by a great man of God. It's only two minutes long. Watch and enjoy the reality that God didn't turn us away in our sin, but chose to make a way, to bridge the gap and draw us to Him through the excellent work of Christ Jesus.

Blessings and happiness to each of you in Christ's name,

Paul, Zabeth, Kent, Baden, Bethany and Josiah Bayne

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