Monday, December 10, 2012


Now that we have heard the good news that Derek Hoare’s daughter Ayn will be returned to him, let’s process some further information from Derek. The return comes from an agreement reached between Derek and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. The precise timing of her return has not yet been disclosed to us, and I am gathering has not been finalized.

Derek chose to write some details today that help to explain the nature of the agreement that has been reached. He has told supporters that over a year ago in Sept 2011, he offered to MCFD, three possible ways to overcome the issue of visitation with the Ministry. The reference to visitation concerns his conviction that he must refuse to personally visit his daughter because it would adversely affect her, confuse her, and perhaps destroy her trust in him were he to leave and do this repeatedly.

His first suggestion was to put someone to live in his home to monitor the situation. (MCFD refused since this is not within their mandate);

A second suggestion was to consult an autism expert (MCFD refused to be bound by an expert’s recommendations);

The third way was to give Derek a fixed return date so he could explain to Ayn when she would be coming home. (This was initially accepted with a return time of 4 months but 3 days later MCFD changed its mind and the idea was rejected).

The present agreement was reached on the 30th of November and confirmed on the 4th of December. The agreement employs one of Derek’s original suggestions, that is, to enlist the help of an autism expert.

Derek reminded supporters that near the end of 2011 there was a search of suitable experts for Ayn because at that time she had not yet seen an autism specialist and the government had already had her for six months. Derek then began to consult with a prominent British Columbia doctor because that professional’s experience with autistic children and philosophy with regard to therapeutic treatment is both observant and inspiring. Derek sought to enlist this person’s service for his child. Well, wouldn’t you know it, now when an agreement has been reached, it is this expert that both parties, Derek and MCFD have become willing to trust to facilitate the process for returning Ayn to her dad and family.

Derek assures us that there are no other ‘strings’ attached and both parties have agreed to defer to this expert with regard to Ayn’s need for continued medication treatment once she returns to Derek. It is understood by all players that Derek’s preference and intention will be to remove Ayn from those medications that she has received while in MCFD care.

He says that the only obligations or provisos placed upon him are 1) that he use the services which have been sought together; 2) that he consent to the release of information to the Ministry regarding his progress with the latter condition.

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