Friday, December 7, 2012



Just hours ago, Derek Hoare, her father let over 4000 advocates and supporters know via Ayn's Facebook page.

Derek Hoare
i have some big news, which will be difficult to explain in a single post, i will get online this weekend to elaborate. Ready... Ayn is coming home! an agreement was signed on tuesday for her return. it is a sect 60 agreement with no finding of a need for protection. i cannot explain the flood of emotions we are experiencing. i am ofcourse elated and will come online in a day or two, i'm tediously typing this on my phone but will spend much more time when i come on. Thank you so very much everyone.

It has been 18 months that the government agency, The Ministry of Children and Family Development have had custody of this child who had her tenth birthday while in MCFD care. It will be interesting to learn the details of this agreement, with what provisos or concessions Derek may have had to agree. 

There are many who still believe that he should sue MCFD for legal costs and pain and any other injury caused to the child and the family as a result of this seizure and retention. Rationale for taking her in the first place was unconvincing and most certainly it was absolutely unnecessary to keep her from her family for so long.

For the moment we are all rejoicing with the family. Ecstatic to say the least.


  1. Awsome News! Wishing them all the best!
    My advice. First take the time to enjoy being a family again. Rebuild your emotional batteries. I can relate, it took our family two years before we got the kids back.

    I don't think a lawsuit would be successful. I don't know about BC, but in other provinces you have to be able to prove that the child protectors acted in "bad faith" (i.e. with deliberate and malicious intent), as opposed to "oops, we made a mistake, here are your kids back, no hard feelings I hope". So it is doubtful you would recoup your costs, and only wind up spending more. The only reason I see to do it, would be to use it to obtain public awareness and advocate for change to the system, but even then, I am not sure if this would work, since MCFD might seek a publication ban since it involves a child protection matter.

    Other venues might be more successful for advocating change.

  2. Thanks Anon 8:02 AM
    Both for the congratulations to the family and for the advice, born from personal experience. All the best to you and yours as well.

    I have silently followed the nightmares of both the Baynes and Derek/Ayn with prayers and tears.

    May The Lord Jesus restore to your family what those 'locusts' have eaten.

  4. You can catch them in bad faith by recording all interactions with those people and keeping a paper trail. You do not have to inform them that you are recording them at all as this is covered under 183.1 of the criminal code. There are lots of families like us in groups on FB throughout Canada fighting these people for our families. Just be glad this wasnt Ontario it happened in. They wouldnt see any of their children again. In Ontario they are a private corporation (NOT governemnt and only province like that). In Ontario the Cas get paid for every child they take and every file they have open, no oversight, no accountability. Child trafficking at its finest and the politicians are very well aware its happening. Congrats to them from another advocate in BC.

  5. Sadly, it has been nearly 6 months since we were told that Ayn would be going home. It has now been 709 days since she was abducted from school on June 16, 2011............. in 21 days she will have been held in captivity by CPS in Abbotsford, BC for 2 years. They have stated that Derek Hoare is a good parent and Ayn did not need protection!


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